Offer Online Ordering So Your Customers Can Buy Happiness

This article will discuss why you should offer online ordering to your customers. It is vital for your restaurant’s success to keep your customers happy. If you are not able to maintain your customers’ happiness, they may leave you to support your competitors. Statistics show the importance of maintaining customer happiness, for example, it costs up to five times more to attract a new customer than to maintain an existing customer. 

68% of customers stop ordering from restaurants and do not return when they are upset with their services. 48% of customers who have a negative experience with a restaurant tell ten or more people in their lives about it. Customers who engage with restaurants via social media spend 20-40% more money with them than other customers. 

Finally, a staggering 89% of customers chose a competitor following a poor customer experience. Retaining and satisfying customers is vital. In addition, you must offer them better services and the latest technology to ensure they remain happy, for example an online food ordering platform. 

These days people do not have all the time in the world to cook and online ordering has become the need of the hour. Ordering food online has many advantages, it saves people time and provides them the comfort of being able to enjoy their meal in their own home.

In addition, by providing a restaurant food online ordering system, you can one up your competitors. As a restaurant, you can take control of the online food ordering platforms and deliver the best to your customers and minimise errors. 

The Ordering Process is Simplified When You Offer Online Ordering

Offer Online Ordering

When customers place orders over the phone, mistakes can often be a result, not to mention the traditional way of ordering does not accommodate busy people well. With online food ordering, customers do not have to call the restaurant to order or drive to the restaurant to collect it.

All they need to do is place their order online on the website or mobile app. This simplifies the delivery process and streamlines restaurant operations. Customers are able to browse the menu online at their own pace and look for add-on deals and offers. In addition, this encourages them order more food and boosts the total value of the order. 

Ordering is Easy When You Offer Online Ordering

Offer Online Ordering

Some people are unable to make phone calls to order their food or prefer not to. By offering an online food ordering platform, your customers can order their favourite meals online through a mobile, tablet or other device. An online ordering offering means customers can place their orders easily without any hassle. 

If You Offer Online Ordering, It Allows Your Customers to Share Their Experiences

Offer Online Ordering

Let your customers speak with you through reviews or directly interact with them through messages. This will not only make them feel valued, but they will support you in the long run. Using your restaurant online ordering platform, they can voice their opinions about your services and you can use it as feedback to make improvements. 

Online Ordering Minimises Errors

Your restaurant can provide exactly the same food that customers demanded through an online ordering system. This reduces some of the workload of your servers and it simplifies the ordering process overall. The online food ordering platform will help to boost your reputation in the market and customers will continue to return. 

You Can Serve Everyone Better

It will not only make your online customers happy but it will also satisfy your dine-in customers too. As order processing will be carried out online, your staff will get enough time to provide dine-in customers with high-end service. 

Easy Navigation

It is vital to offer the best experience for your customers. Therefore, your app and website should provide an interactive menu that is easy to navigate. This is so customers can place their orders quickly. This will make the order processing much faster and more convenient.

Multiple Payment Options

Your restaurant app should support multiple payment modes in order to accommodate your customers. It should include debit/credit card, cash on delivery, online wallets such as PayPal, Apple Pay and more. 

Loyalty Programs

Repeat business is essential to success for any restaurant business. It accounts for a large chunk of revenue that cannot be ignored. A mobile app for a restaurant must have a well-designed customer loyalty program through which your regular, loyal customers can gain incentives and rewards. It is an effective way to bring customers to order again from your app. You can update your customers about their loyalty points through push notifications. 

Social Media Integration

You need to take advantage of social media promotions for your restaurant business. Therefore, link your restaurant app or online ordering URL to your social media. In other words, this can facilitate easy interaction amongst you and your customers. Your customers can share their experience with their social media and you can provide them with discounts or offers in return. Receiving discounts will make them happy!

Push Notifications

You can keep your subscribers in the loop by informing them about the new meal deals, new products or limited time offers. Or even just a friendly reminder to order from you. Therefore, this plays a vital role in customer retention and engagement. 


This article discussed why you should offer online ordering to your customers. Online food ordering solutions improve the overall functioning of a restaurant. In other words, it provides an effective way of ordering to your customers that makes them happy. If you are a restaurateur and still have not started using your own online food ordering solution, rather than relying on third party portals, you are missing out on a great opportunity that will propel your business.

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