Increase Sales With Social Media: The Top Platforms To Use

This article will discuss how you can increase sales with social media. Social media is being used more and more as an online marketing tool. Small and big business owners are seeing the advertising potential of the new electronic media. This too applies to the restaurant industry. 

Want to make the best restaurant online marketing? A strong trend toward promoting restaurants, bars and cafes on social media can be seen. In addition, this is mostly driven by the popularity of social media among various audience segments. However, also by the opportunities they offer. 

Social networks depend largely on photos for their impact. Therefore, they are a great way to advertise mouth watering food and ambiance. So, let’s get started by talking about the top social networks you can use in your restaurant online marketing campaigns.

Increase Sales With Social Media: Facebook

Increase Sales With Social Media

The top position belongs to the largest social networking website in the world and that is Facebook. In other words, Facebook has taken over the virtual space. It has evolved from being a place for exchanging messages and photos into a portal quipped with marketing tools. In addition, in the process, Facebook has proved that social media can greatly help to build strong brands.

The Functionality Facebook Offers:

Running advertising campaigns & a business account. 

Statistical analysis tools which allow you to track the results of advertising campaigns.

Management and creation of advertisements. You can chose your target group for these. (defined by location, gender, age, interests etc).

Keeping personal contact with customer base thanks to engaging Facebook posts. 

Increase Sales With Social Media: YouTube

Increase Sales With Social Media

YouTube was once a place for sharing films, private videos and music videos. However, with time, the website has grown so popular. So much so that the management made the decision to launch a system of paid advertising. How does YouTube help to increase the effectiveness of restaurant online marketing? 

YouTube can play a big role in the process of building your brand and the expert image. In other words, you can use the website to post short videos that show your diners interesting food ideas. For example, you could share a recipe or show how to make a tasty dinner with only three ingredients. Also, remember that YouTube videos are susceptible to SEO practices. 

Increase Sales With Social Media: Twitter

Increase Sales With Social Media

Twitter is similar to Facebook. However, unlike Facebook, it is focused on sharing brief and information focused messages. In other words, it enables you to share short, 280 character long posts online. In addition, you can add fun photos and graphics to your tweets. How do you make use of these functions? 

Well, you can tweet about events you are having. Also, you can let your diners know about new menu items or promotions. In addition, you can use hashtags to identify your photos. Hashtags are really great in restaurant online marketing. By using them, users can tag restaurants online and create a link. Then, anyone who clicks on the hashtag will be brought to your restaurant’s Twitter account. 


Instagram is most favoured among the younger segments of Internet users. In other words, those aged between 15 and 24 years old. In addition, it seems that Instagram’s special appeal for young people consists in its visual character. This makes it great for restaurant online marketing. 

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is all about sharing short videos and images. It offers many filters and tools to help you make your content even more attractive. Therefore, it is the perfect space for food porn and mouth watering images of your food.


This article discussed how you can increase sales with social media. Social media has rapidly established a presence online. In other words, it has transformed from a tech novelty to a permanent element of the virtual world. In addition, they offer an additional means of reaching a selected target group of customers. If your budget is not large enough, you can try using paid Instagram and Facebook ads. However, social media is also a great free tool for effective restaurant online marketing. So, put social media channels to good use to promote your restaurant.

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