Advantages of Online Ordering for Restaurants

This article will discuss the advantages of online ordering for restaurants. We live in a digital world. Customers have come to realise that anything they want can be obtained with a few clicks of a button. We are in an era that has something for anyone whether you are a consumer or provider. As a result, consumers have come to expect the ability of a restaurant to allow them to place orders online. Therefore, if you are in a restaurant business, you need to jump on the online ordering system bandwagon. By adopting this new technology, you simplify your customers lives. Not to mention, you also ensure your business is able to stand against its competitors. 

If you are still uncertain, here are the advantages of online ordering for your restaurant. 

Advantages of Online Ordering: The Process is Made Simpler

Before the online ordering wave, people had to make a call to place an order or drive to the restaurant. Placing orders by phone means there can be mistakes given loud noises in the background, peoples accents and volume in general. It also takes up staff time to have a dedicated member of staff answering phones and manually taking orders. It is clear that the solution is switching to online ordering. Restaurant owners are able to create a website or an app or even both. This will not only ensure the process is easy for customers but also that it streamlines restaurant operations. Having an online ordering system can make the day to day operations more efficient. In addition, customers feel less pressured. They can take their time to browse which generally results in higher order value which translates to more money. 

Customer and Order Management is More Efficient

Advantages of Online Ordering

Online ordering systems for restaurants help by enhancing the customer-restaurant relationship by giving an end to end Customer Relationship Management system. In other words, it provides a complete sales dashboard with information about all orders and details. In addition, it comes with an order management system that streamlines the entire ordering process starting from order placement to delivery. When customers place an order, a good online ordering system sends notifications to their email or by text. This helps the restaurant staff make the order execution quicker. 

Advantages of Online Ordering: Expenses Are Monitored

Advantages of Online Ordering

This is the best benefit of an online ordering system. It provides precise information about the cash flow in the restaurant. This means you can keep track of costs incurred during preparing an order. Therefore, you can too keep track of your profitability. An online ordering system will provide you with accurate monetary translation of every order. This means you do not have to look into cash registers. 

Advantages of Online Ordering: You Keep Your Data

Advantages of Online Ordering

Do you want to know who your regular customers are? Would you like to know what they like to order from you? You can find out on your online ordering platform. These questions can be answered using analytics and insights provided in the online ordering system. This data is very important. As a result, you can use it to send targeted promotions to your customers and encourage them to keep ordering. 

It’s Convenient

Online ordering means the customer can order anytime, anywhere because all they need is their mobile phone. Therefore, a customer does not have to worry about phoning a restaurant or disrupting a meeting to order their lunch. In other words, mobile apps mean your customer can quietly place their order without any hassle. In addition, remember that a mobile-friendly website or app will ensure that you never lose a customer. 

How MENUU can help

We can get you up and running with online ordering within 48 hours. Our platform is white labelled to your brand and can be integrated into your existing website. We can also offer website packages if you don’t already have one. It does not matter if you do not have a website. We can still get you live within 48 hours with an online ordering link from your social channels. 

Our platform offers a smooth and simple process for the customer. You can choose to receive your orders via a MENUU Express Terminal, via email or SMS. Alternatively, we can integrate with your point of sale system. The process is fully transparent for the customer. They will receive an order confirmation email and SMS updates. That is if you need to adjust promise time for delivery or collection. 

Our CMS offers you the flexibility to adjust opening hours, delivery times, prep times, delivery zones, menu items very easily. You will have access to your customer data, reports and promotions settings to easily add new offers at any time. You will be given full training once your restaurant has been setup with MENUU. Our Help Desk team are available 24/7 to assist with any queries also. 


If your restaurant is not providing online ordering, you need to start. We live in a digital world and you are only missing out on potential customers. There are so many advantages to online ordering, it makes customers’ and restaurant’s lives easier. As a result, when customers’ lives are easier, they are happier and will return to you. In addition, it is a simple process. In other words, it allows you to access your data and analyse your restaurant’s performance and customer base. 

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