Online Food Delivery Solutions: Tips For Customer Experience

This article will discuss online food delivery solutions and provide tips for enhancing customer experience. The option of online ordering systems is transforming the way that restaurants used to work. There are many popular ordering platforms out there that can take your restaurant to the next level in regards to sales. Nowadays, you need to know how to take care of your online customers. These individuals order food from your restaurant to their home, this boosts your revenue. Online marketing is picking up, every industry is stepping up their game online. 

The restaurant industry is no exception here. They have too followed the current trend and therefore, as a restaurateur, you cannot ignore your online customers. If you execute your online food delivery poorly, it can be detrimental to your brand’s image. Therefore, you must optimise your online food delivery solution to provide your customers with a better experience. Here we go, some tips that will help you to manage your online food delivery solution. 

Online Delivery Solutions: Make the Online Ordering Process Quick and Easy

Online Delivery Solutions

You must optimise your Google presence as this will ensure that your customers can find your restaurant’s website easily. In addition, you should promote your restaurant’s online ordering channels as this will tell customers exactly where they can order online. You should have a single ‘Online Order’ button on your restaurant’s website too. Also, ensure this button fits with your aesthetics and brand colour scheme. 

Here are a few tips to follow

-Remember to update your online menu to ensure a better customer experience.

-Keep branding and menu consistent and accurate. 

-Maintain your restaurant brand’s visibility on all your digital platforms. 

With MENUU’s CMS it’s easy to regularly update your menu and offer your customers a quick and easy ordering experience. Your menu needs to be easy to read and understand. In addition, it must have a clear call to action. Ensure your menu is available on your website and social media platforms. Then, create epic content that will entice your customers to click on the ‘Order Now’ button!

Online Delivery Solutions: Do Not Sacrifice Your Restaurant’s Brand and Personality

Online Delivery Solutions

Online ordering should be consistent with your restaurant’s brand. With a third-party delivery app, you most likely won’t have control over the look of your menu. If you use a white label online ordering solution on your own website, you will be in charge of your branding. With MENUU, you can set colour scheme, font style, font colour, background image and include product shots for as many items as you like. Make sure your brand logo and name are front and center too. Ensure your menu is always consistent with your branding. 

Online Delivery Solutions: Use An Online Food Ordering Solution

Online Delivery Solutions

Customers generally prefer ordering their food online through food delivery apps or the restaurant’s website. Whether you’re relying on third party delivery apps or have online ordering on your own website, ensure your website is optimised in the search engines and has clear call to actions. By directing customers through your online ordering system, you will free up staff time taking orders over the phone. Also, in the current situation, it’s advisable to have contactless processes in place and online ordering provides just that – the whole process can be contactless, from the customer placing their order online, paying securely by card online and receiving contactless delivery.

Good Communication

Some orders may get delayed due to a prolonged delivery time as the driver is not able to reach the location. This issue can be handled with good communication. For example, call your customer or message them before delivering the food and ask for a landmark to indicate where their address is. Good communication can overcome most issues encountered in the food service industry. Keep your customers happy and returning!

Customers give reviews when they try your services. Therefore, pay attention to these customer reviews and ratings. Ensure you respond to each and every one of them. Ask other customers for feedback. Address negative reviews by apologising and asking them how you can make them feel better. This will show you as a concerned and humble owner toward customers. 

Provide Great Service

You must provide an excellent customer experience to your online customers. There are a few things in particular that you must take care of here. 

-Hot food needs to be hot. People should feel that the food is delivered hot and that it is freshly made. You can take care of this by keeping the delivery time in check. In addition, provide your drivers with the equipment. For example, insulated food bags. 

-Food needs to be packed with care. Ensure food is in good condition. For example, it should not spill as it will look unappealing to your customers. Therefore, try to use spill-free containers to avoid any mess. 

-Equip your food with basic add-ons. For example, oregano, chili flakes for pizza, the appropriate condiments and napkins. This provides your customers with a better experience. Taking care of small details will win the hearts of your customers.

Good Marketing

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People are on social media all day and therefore, it is the place to market your business. You must adopt some unique restaurant promotion ideas for your online ordering business. Remember though, to market on social, you need to be present. You need to leverage your various social media channels in order to reach a mass amount of people. Then, let them know about your online ordering option. 


This article will discussed online food delivery solutions and provided tips for enhancing customer experience. The advancement of technology means that the online means that the online market is predicted to grow more and more. Therefore, if you wish to stay ahead of the game, you must provide the best customer experience you can. An online ordering system will do exactly this. Do not waste any more time contemplating whether you should start online ordering. The tips above will help you a great deal with managing your online food delivery solution to boost customer experience! If you’d like to discuss how online ordering can help your restaurant, chat to one of our MENUU team today!

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