How To Boost Restaurant Sales With FoodPorn

This article will discuss how to boost restaurant sales with FoodPorn. There is no business competition as fierce as the restaurant business. However, saying that, great food photography marketing can have the potential to set you apart from the competition.

High-quality photos of your delicious food are your business’ secret marketing tool. Why? Because for every high-quality picture you post on social media, it is an opportunity to capture the attention of the viewer. In addition to entice them to visit your restaurant’s website. Once the user is there, you have a greater chance of them making a booking or ordering online. 

Any successful restaurant owner is aware that it takes time, energy and creative thinking to sustain a thriving business. Restaurants not only have to set themselves apart from the competition and adopt a unique identity. Owners must promote this identity in a means that reaches new customers and lures in a steady and loyal crowd. This is precisely where food marketing comes in, aka the FoodPorn.

Boost Restaurant Sales With FoodPorn: Visual Restaurant Marketing

Boost Restaurant Sales With FoodPorn

For people in the food industry, you cannot afford to forget this advice. At the end of a long day working, promoting your restaurant online is most likely going to be the last thing on your mind. However, it should really be first. 

The purpose of developing an online presence is to entice and engage customers for your restaurant. Therefore, content marketing is vital for restaurants, it helps you keep customers and be discovered. Most restaurants generally have websites and can be found on TripAdvisor.

However, a small portion of restaurant owners are leveraging their full potential to acquire and sustain customers. 

An even smaller amount is utilising the most invaluable tool in the industry, visual marketing. As a result, now is the time to take advantage of visual marketing. You can do so with the use of high-quality imagery of your restaurant and it’s delicious food. 

Boost Restaurant Sales With FoodPorn: Food Photography and Social Media

Boost Restaurant Sales With FoodPorn

It is getting harder to stand out on Facebook and even on Instagram with all the noise these days. Therefore, publishing high-quality photographs of your restaurant’s dishes is your opportunity to cut through the crowded online space and stand out.

For this reason, you should hire a professional food photographer, it is a small investment every now and again but you will be seeing that money again very soon with all the new customers you will gain.

Most restaurant owners are not willing to invest or do not realise the marketing value of having high-quality photographs of your restaurant’s tasty menu options. 

Understand the FoodPorn Revolution to Boost Restaurant Sales With FoodPorn

If you have ever scrolled through Instagram, you know the term foodporn. Pictures of food on Instagram have never been rare, but people are upping their game with filters and custom-made visual apps.

In addition, the trend of sharing out lives publicly on social media, has revolutionised the way we view and glamourise food online. 

Therefore, you do not have to be a professional foodie to capture a photo of your favourite dish and share it with your friends on social media. If your customers are taking pictures of their food, why shouldn’t you take high-quality photos of yours?

Arguably, the most crucial way to persuade consumers to come to eat your food is with professional shot, drool-inspiring photographs. In other words, the foodporn craze is fueled by the effort to generate quality food pictures and distribute them across as many social media platforms as possible. 

If well executed, these images do not just entice the viewer craving food. In addition, they too entice the viewer craving a delicious dining experience. You are promoting your atmosphere, community and local charm in addition to your mouth watering menu items. 

Create Custom-Made Food Photography Marketing

Your custom-made food photography marketing must align with your restaurant’s vision, personality and team. Therefore, every photo needs to tell a story and this story must be shared online where it will have the greatest exposure.

In other words, this means you must decide which social media platform is the most suitable for the promotion of your food photography. Be sure to keep track of your social media analytics so you can discover where your most engaged audience is.

Online Menu

Apart from social media, your online ordering menu should be full of mouthwatering images of your offerings. Therefore, you should include as many product images as you can, provided they are high quality images. There’s nothing worse than poor quality images that give a poor impression of the food.

Product images are proven to increase the likelihood of a customer ordering that product and also to increase average order values when people are ordering online.

With MENUU you can add as many or as few photos as you like, it’s easy to swap and change around images when you have a new photo shoot or new content to add. In other words, your menu will look great and be appealing to your customers! 

Forget Using Generic Stock Photos 

If you want to stand out online, forget about using stock photos on your website. In other words, there is an advantage to publishing your own food photos.

Google enjoys original content and rewards websites that feature original content. Therefore, if you are serious about the optimisation of your restaurant’s website, follow this.  In other words, original content means better restaurant SEO. 

Photo Promotion and Online Presence

It is not just your social media feeds that must be kept up to date with high quality images to promote your restaurant. In other words, your website also needs to have the same branding to capture and entice visitors to book.

Website design for restaurants is crucial and it must look good. Once your website is perfected, you will need to make sure your business has the marketing tools and strategy in place to succeed. After all, you cannot afford not to enrich your restaurant’s visual online presence. 


This article discussed how to boost restaurant sales with FoodPorn. There is no business competition as fierce as the restaurant business. However, what sets you apart is having great food photography, what now is known as foodporn. Having images of your dishes that are mouthwatering will surely entice customers to give you a go, particularly if you are promoting them online. As a result, I hope this piece showed you how important food photography is and how you can boost restaurant sales with FoodPorn.

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