The Benefits Of Restaurant Self-Service Options

This article will discuss the benefits of restaurant self-service options, particularly during the post covid-19 climate. When it comes to completing orders and processing payments at any enterprise business, customers are on the hunt for reliability and efficiency.

They want to make their order and check out quickly. They want to know that their money is being processed on a trustworthy device and that their orders are accurate. This is where self-service technology options come in to play.

From the likes of self-service kiosks to tableside ordering. This essentially means giving your diners the option of making orders on their own accord. By doing this, you will get to see firsthand what is being processed. This will vastly improve the diner experience. In addition, you will be able to create more space for up-selling in a means to raise your bottom line.

Benefits Of Restaurant Self-Service Options: Customers Love To Have Options

Benefits Of Restaurant Self-Service Options

Businesses see great benefits when they add the omni-channel approach. In other words, when they give multiple order touch points for customers. Restaurants see lines drastically reduce and wait times. In addition, diners are happier with more ordering options. Allowing your diners to make their own orders and process payments with self-service options gives them the ability to see firsthand what they are buying. With today’s technology booming, your diners are already expecting you to adopt advanced ordering technology. Therefore, ensure they have options to check out and make purchases on their own. 

Benefits Of Restaurant Self-Service Options: The Order Size Increases

Benefits of Restaurant Self-Service Options

When diners have the ability to make their own orders, the average order size increases by 20%. Imagine standing behind a diner in line whose order is never ending and holding up the line. That situation is dreaded by most people and entirely avoidable with self-service options. Now with these options, diners can order as many items as they want without holding anyone up. This not only reduces wait times, but it makes it much easier for customers to make larger purchases. In addition, these self-service options never forget to up-sell. 

Benefits Of Restaurant Self-Service Options: Eliminate Order Errors

Benefits Of Restaurant Self-Service Options

Think of the same situation as mentioned when we were talking about order size increasing. The diner is making a complex order as the line gets longer behind them, all while the cashier is trying to break down each line item to ensure the order is accurate. In most cases like this, there are bound to be some mistakes before the order is processed for payment. This is where self-service options save the day by improving order accuracy and saving you from receiving a negative review. When diners input orders on their own, they can view firsthand what they are ordering and modify it to exactly what they want. They have the opportunity to review the order before payment and there is much less room for errors.

Customer Insights

Self-service options provide advanced customer insights. They allow restaurants to better understand what their most popular dishes are, the busiest time of the day and even their most popular order modifiers and add-on items. Valuable insights such as these allow business owners to determine what items to strategically promote, what popular add-on items they can boost the price of for additional revenue and so much more. Beyond the traditional insights, operators are also able to view data in real-time to evaluate the service being provided. 


This article discussed the benefits of restaurant self-service options, particularly during the post covid-19 climate. Self-service ordering can provide many benefits to your business. This is not simply a trend that will go away. Rather, it is something you really need to consider in the post covid-19 climate. In other words, self-service options will help to make your customers feel confident about visiting your restaurant. If you are interested in learning more about self service options, get in touch with us and we will help you get started!

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