Restaurant Delivery Sales: How to Boost Them Quickly

Discovering how to boost restaurant delivery sales is one of the simplest ways to grow your business without expanding the seating capacity of your restaurant. The world of online food ordering is greatly changing the restaurant industry.

Customers enjoy receiving food whenever they want to wherever they want, they love the convenience. Adding online ordering to your business model is key. However, if you already have, this article will give you some tips on how to boost those delivery sales and in a quick manner.

Use a Simple Online Ordering Form To Boost Restaurant Delivery Sales

Restaurant Delivery Sales

Your customers need to have a convenient way to place delivery orders. If you are adding delivery to your restaurant model, you may as well update your website with an online order form. An online ordering system will help you more than you realise because nowadays customers find phone calls to be an inconvenience. 

Reasons why customers will use your online ordering system:

-Online ordering systems make ordering food online easier for the customer. 

-They can use the online ordering system even when they cannot make a phone call. 

-Online ordering is mistake proof compared to phone calls. 

-They can pre-order food for later

-They can pay online

Ensure Your Online Ordering Button is Visible To Boost Restaurant Delivery Sales

Restaurant Delivery Sales

Hungry customers need to be able to see the online ordering button at a glance. If not, they will leave your website and possibly order from your competition. To avoid losing customers, ensure that your online ordering button is visible. 

To Boost Restaurant Delivery Sales, Attract Potential Customers By Offering Free Delivery for Minimum Order Values

Restaurant Delivery Sales

This may be the most vital tip, offer your customers free delivery for minimum order values because this will help to increase their cart value. For example, if someone wishes to order a pizza for €8 and then they discover it is free delivery when you spend a €10, they are more likely to add something else to their cart to avail of the free delivery. This is a simple yet highly effective tactic to persuade customers to buy more food from you. 

Online Ordering App

Your most loyal customers may desire an even easier way to order food from your restaurant. This is where a smartphone app comes in handy as they make for a quick and convenient way to order food. Allowing your customers to order through an app will also give them options such as to repeat their favourite orders and receive messages about your current promos.

Boost Restaurant Delivery Sales with Social Media

You are probably already using social media platforms to entice your customers. However, if you are not and wish to boost foot traffic in your restaurant, look no further than Instagram and Facebook. Social media can help you to increase delivery sales by using creative marketing ideas.

Customers desire information, they want images of your food and messages that convince them to try you out. You have unlimited ways to encourage your audience to visit your restaurant with social media posts. For example, on Instagram, you could post pictures of happy customers enjoying their food. Also, influence your customers to share pictures of their food and add in a unique hashtag that will help people to easily discover those pictures. 

Keep Up to Date with What Your Competitors are Doing

You cannot discover how to improve your restaurant business in a vacuum. In other words, you must learn from your national and local competitors to discover what kinds of creative marketing ideas they are using. In addition, by keeping up with your competitors ideas, you will find some of the best restaurant promotions that are currently working. Not all of them will apply to delivery of course, however, you can adapt to meet your needs.


Technology and marketing ideas are a must to boost delivery sales and help your restaurant earn more revenue. In other words, if you want to boost your restaurant’s delivery sales, you need to combine a good website or app with creative marketing ideas. Ones that will grab the attention of loyal and potential customers. 

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