Nero XVII – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Nero XVII is a multi store restaurant serving pizza, pasta and grill options including a number of vegan and gluten-friendly options alongside tasty sides, starters, desserts and a stellar wine list and beer selection. 

Daniel of Nero XVII feels that online ordering is very important for his restaurant business. He explains, “online ordering is very important for my business, I’d say off the top of my head that it is 30% of my business”. 

He finds that MENUU has allowed his customers to easily interact and place orders, particularly during the covid-19 climate and that he was easily and quickly set up on the platform. He says, “yes, MENUU has definitely made it easy for our customers to place orders and there has never been any issues, they were quick at setting us up”. 

Daniel feels that the features MENUU offers are very useful for his restaurant business. He particularly enjoys using the delivery zone map feature. He explains, “being able to draw a map myself on the delivery areas means I can have a map with the places we deliver to. It means that we are not getting orders from areas we don’t deliver to, it’s very specific, an exact map and that is pretty useful”. 

They have more than one location and Daniel finds it easy to manage them simultaneously through MENUU. He says, “the two locations I am responsible for are on MENUU, I use the backend access for making menu changes so if we do prices changes for example, I don’t have to wait. For example, with third-party delivery services, we would have to wait maybe three days to get the prices to change and that’s quite a pain because I have to change menus, I have to change computers at the same time, but with MENUU, I can do it on a Monday morning and change everything, the website, the menus, the digital displays and just have it done instantly so that’s really useful”. 

Daniel has had to contact the MENUU support team on a regular basis. He says, “I contact them quite often, probably once every two weeks, they are very helpful and quick”. 

He feels that using MENUU has been a positive addition to his restaurant business. He explains, “for years before we were with MENUU I was looking at different options, trying to find an app or an online sales system, it was always difficult, it was never very smooth, whatever company we were with so MENUU solved that for us”. 

Daniel finishes off by saying “I definitely recommend MENUU, the staff are brilliant, the rates are fair and we’re really happy with it”. 

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