Woodfire And Wings – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Woodfire and Wings is a restaurant serving quality pizza and wings. They use all fresh ingredients, the best of Irish and Italian meats and source local produce where possible. They source their chicken wings from the countryside and they hand roll their dough daily. 

They are environmentally conscious, using all compostable packaging. They are based in Clondalkin. Before joining MENUU, Woodfire and Wings used a different online ordering platform, however, since making the change they have noticed MENUU has greatly helped their restaurant business. 

Rory from Woodfire and Wings recognises that online ordering is very important for his business. He explains, “now, online ordering is more important than ever because of the way things have gone, the time of our move to MENUU was important even though we didn’t realise it at the time when we were moving because the cost of being with the other online ordering platform was killing us”. 

He adds, “we never thought that online ordering was going to be such an essential part of our business, so we never took the conditions into consideration but now I would say 80% of our trade is online, either over the app or on the website”. 

Rory estimates that by using MENUU for over a year, he will save €60,000 on commissions. Rory’s reason for switching to MENUU was that the money he was spending with the other online ordering platform was not being spent on anything that would remarkably help his business. 

If he wanted any kind of marketing or promoting, the online ordering platform wanted extra money on top of what he was already spending. He explains, “it was our business, our product and our brand and they would just host us and they were charging us for it, I just didn’t feel that the real value was there”. 

Rory knew that switching over to a different online ordering platform would be a challenge and that it would be about transitioning. He was happy to take on these new challenges since he was saving money by making the switch to MENUU. 

He thinks the back office of MENUU is very good. He says, “the back office is kinda what sold it to me, how easy it was to change things and do things so I do find the back office stronger than the previous online ordering platform I was using”. 

Rory finds all the features that MENUU offers to be very useful for his restaurant business. He explains, “they are all really useful, the back office is really high end and it’s user friendly without being complicated”. 

He has had to contact the MENUU support team before and has found them to be very helpful in fixing any problems. He says, “they are excellent, you’re never waiting too long for a response, the customer service is a really strong point with MENUU, it’s exceptional”. 

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