Wallace’s Asti – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Wallace’s Asti combines locally sourced fresh ingredients with fine Italian imports as well as, but not limited to homemade pasta dishes, pizzas, wines and craft beers. They have multiple locations around Dublin and their menu is based on Sardinian traditional dishes. 

Andrea Savignano recognises that online ordering is a vital component to his business. He says, “it’s very important, especially during the pandemic situation, it was very helpful for us to have online ordering so our customers can see our products with the pictures and have the option to order, pay digitally on the web, it was a very helpful addition to our business”. 

He adds, “now the lockdown is finished but we are seeing that online ordering is still  working quite well so it is something that we can’t go without”. Andrea feels that during covid-19, Menuu has made it very easy for his customers to interact and place orders. 

Andrea explains, “it’s very easy, our customers find the system very intuitive and easy to use”. The process of setting up Menuu in Andrea’s eyes was very quick and easy. He says, “the process of setting up is very efficient and I have no complaints about it”.

He finds it very easy to collect his customer data from Menuu in order to use it for promotions. Andrea explains, “I’m downloading the customer data and it’s helpful, especially during these times, it is great to use for retargeting customers, it’s working well for us”. 

Andrea sees the features Menuu has to offer as very valuable to the restaurant, in particular he appreciates having the option to edit menus. He says, “I think the feature to edit the menu is something very useful for us, we have the option to deactivate it or increase or decrease the price, we can manage it by ourselves so it makes everything smoother and faster”.

He also finds managing his two locations online through Menuu very easy. Andrea regularly contacts the Menuu support team and finds them to be a very helpful resource when it comes to any issues. He explains, “I contact them almost every day, sometimes twice per day, I want everything to be set up right and I always find good answers from them, such fast and efficient solutions”.

Andrea views Menuu as a positive addition to his business, particularly during the covid-19 pandemic. He says, “it’s important for us to have the chance to open a new market for us because we are a restaurant and usually for us, the customer passes through the doors and to have the chance to shift things to online, we can reach in a different way, the people”. 

He finishes off by saying, “Menuu is something that we discovered during the lockdown and is working for us and we are going to remain using it in the future as well”. 

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