Transform Restaurant Searches Into New Business

This article will discuss how to transform restaurant searches into new business. Consumers lean on Google and various other search engines for pretty much everything nowadays. The information age has developed a paradox. One where there is so much information that it can be challenging for consumers to find exactly what they want. This is particularly relevant within the restaurant industry. This is because they are making restaurant searches to find new places to dine. In addition, all restaurants are making efforts to stand out online.

People use Google for restaurant searching more than they do for retail shops, entertainment or hotels. In addition, they use Google precisely to inform their dining decisions. Consumers are investing time and energy into looking for you so you need to recognise this. You can recognise this and persuade them to visit your restaurant. You can do this by improving how your restaurant website appears in popular restaurant searches. This is an extremely effective way to boost your restaurant sales. How can you reach hungry potential diners searching for a new place to indulge? Here are three tips proven to optimise your digital footprint and boost business out of online restaurant searches. 

Transform Restaurant Searches Into New Business

Optimise Your Site to Show Up in Local Restaurant Searches

Transform Restaurant Searches Into New Business

Research shows that 82% of smartphone shoppers search locally first. Localised searches comprise nearly one-third of all Google searches. When people are not scouring the web for entertainment, they are searching for restaurants. Ones where they can get the best meal and experience possible. 

At the highest levels, customers are looking for restaurants based on their own location, quality and type. They want to find the best pizza place in their area. Alternatively, they want to find the best indian restaurant for their next business trip. Some of the most common restaurant searches are “restaurants near me” or “best restaurants in *insert city*”. 

Given that, it is vital to tailor your website copy to play up the local aspect. Investing in developing your restaurant’s brand is crucial. However, it is not that important when it comes to transforming website visitors into physical orders. Instead, put your focus on calling out the kind of food you serve. In addition, which community you feel you are a part of. 

For example, say your website says ‘Dublin City Centre’s Favourite Vegan Spot’. You can capitalise on local restaurant searches for vegan restaurants near me and vegan restaurants in Dublin. You may even get some hits from people who are not in the area at the minute.

The easiest form of restaurant marketing is to just know what and where you serve. Then, sharing that information in the most concise way possible. The Google restaurants algorithm is optimised. This means it will provide the best local results to restaurant searches. So, ensure your website copy plainly states your exact location and type of food. This will definitely give you the online boost you need. In addition, do not forget to add your restaurant to local listings.

Claim Those Free Online Listings To Transform Restaurant Searches Into New Business

Transform Restaurant Searches Into New Business

To transform restaurant searches into new business claim and actively manage your restaurant’s pages. This is vital to capitalising on restaurant searches. Effective restaurant marketing involves an extensive online footprint and claiming listings on the top review sites. In addition to online reservation sites and delivery platforms. This will help you capitalise on search traffic. Here are some of the more popular websites where you can claim your listing for free. 

Free Online Restaurant Listings

  • TripAdvisor
  •  Facebook
  •  Google

Most of these websites do the hard work for you. For example, building a webpage and locating your restaurant in Google. In addition to optimising your page to appear when people search their site for “restaurants near me”. All you have to do is claim the business and check out exactly what people are saying about your establishment.

Actively manage these pages. They will provide customers with more opportunities to leave reviews. In addition, they will enable you to address the negative reviews proactively. More importantly, actively listen to these pages. This will enable you to keep information up to date. For example, opening hours and menu items, a practice that helps customers. 

This also gives your restaurant priority in Google’s search algorithm. Manually checking and updating listing details across multiple sites can be a tedious process. However, this investment of time and energy will definitely have a positive impact in regards to your bottom line. 

Utilise Positive Reviews As Marketing Material To Transform Restaurant Searches Into New Business

Transform Restaurant Searches Into New Business

Brand advocates are 100% worth it. They can act as a lead generation channel for your business. There is no better restaurant marketing tactic than generating some good reviews. 

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations for their loved ones. In addition, 92% of consumers trust recommendations more than they do advertising. Positive reviews show the search engines that real people are enjoying your restaurant whilst demonstrating legitimate social proof to customers. 

Websites such as Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor make it simple to get reviews. In addition, they provide the proof your business needs in order to capitalise on restaurant searches. However, you can take this a step further by showing reviews on your restaurant’s website. 

You can easily implement reviews on your site by utilising widgets from review sites such as TripAdvisor. Ensure you allow online visitors to rate and review your restaurant directly on the website as well. 

Google counts these reviews which will result in rich snippets on your restaurant’s search engine result pages. Not to mention, this feedback enables you to address customer concerns. You can then analyse what aspects of your business are working and what is not working well. 


This article discussed how to transform restaurant searches into new business. These restaurant marketing tactics are easy but effective for you to implement. As a result, they will improve your conversions from restaurant searches. Everything nowadays is online. In other words, we are in an entirely digital revolution. There have been no signs of slowing down. So, do not be left behind. Instead, take advantage of the hungry customers scrowering the web to find the perfect restaurant to indulge.

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