The Pros of Tableside POS for Restauranteurs & Servers

This article will discuss the pros of tableside POS for restauranteurs and servers. There is a silver lining for brands. In particular, restaurants who have yet to upgrade to tableside ordering that provides both contactless ordering and payments. Many of the new products on the market provide tableside payment capabilities. Ones that could boost turnover and tips while reducing fraud.

There are clear pros for both servers and restaurateurs alike here. Increased security, streamlined processes, quicker checkout times, improved customer experience and the elimination of human errors to name a few.

Do you want to succeed moving forward, particularly in the current covid-19 climate? Then, you need to grab hold of the latest technology. This is putting a foot in the right direction.

The Benefits of Tableside POS for Wait Staff

The Pros of Tableside POS

Industry experts highlight that the restaurant industry is slow to embrace new tech. Restaurant owners should really think about adopting any of the new tableside ordering options now available. This is because it will create a better environment for their wait staff. 

Adding tableside ordering to your restaurant can help to streamline the dining experience. In addition, it can even boost average spend and tip percentages for servers. Another positive here is the potential to assign employees to do other tasks in the restaurant. Ones that don’t include taking orders or processing payments. This helps to shorten the length of lines and boosts positive associations from customers. 

This helps to lower the stress on servers who would otherwise be dealing with busting many tables with slow check out times. This decreases the classic runaround scenario that many servers are plagued with and boosts speed. The bottom line is servers have more time to take care of their diners. This often results in higher tips because of increased customer satisfaction.

Another plus side here is the elimination of human error with tableside ordering. There is no need for servers to run back and forth between tables and the kitchen, fixing orders or reentering tickets. Servers and chefs can see clearly the exact order on the screen or docket.

Benefits For Restaurant Owners

Pros of Tableside POS

A big reason for adding this tech to your restaurant is that it reduces the risk of fraud. In other words, this is higher security for customers. The last thing you want as an owner is to be worrying about your customers being frauded. You don’t want diners to have issues that they can relate to your establishment. 

Another good thing owners will see is convenience and efficiency. These two elements should be the bread and butter behind any food operation. Restaurateurs have to worry about so many aspects of their restaurant. The operational advantages with this technology are numerous. 

Generally tableside ordering tech is a low initial investment. This greatly helps to reduce the overhead cost and boosts ROI. This helps restaurateurs to properly keep in line with their budgets.


This article discussed the pros of tableside POS for restauranteurs and servers. There are many more benefits and reasons why you need to adopt this technology. You can find them in other articles we have written about tableside ordering.

So, head over to our other blogs on the topic. Educate yourself on what this tech can offer restaurants during the current climate. This is not merely a hyped trend. Rather, it is a solution to reopening your restaurant safely post covid-19.

This is so your customers and staff can feel safe and protected. In addition, customers can enjoy an improved dining experience. This leads to customer satisfaction and their fears of the virus spreading not being heightened. 

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