Teo’s – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Teo’s are a multi location restaurant, known for their fish and chips. They pride themselves on using only the freshest of ingredients in order to produce traditional takeaway staples at affordable prices. 

John from Teo’s feels that online ordering is incredibly important for his restaurant business. He explains, “online ordering is vital for our business, I don’t know exactly what percentage of our turnover it is but I’m guessing that it’s somewhere around the 25% mark so who can afford to lose 25% of their business? Online is important and I think it’s going to be bigger as time goes on”. 

He feels that MENUU has allowed his customers to easily interact and place orders. He says, “the fact that customers are using it and using it on a regular basis suggests that it is very accessible, people clearly find it handy because they use it repeatedly”. 

John found that the process of getting set up with MENUU was easy and quick. He says, “it didn’t cost me any loss of sleep, that’s for sure”. 

He feels that being an operator with three locations, it is easy to manage each location on MENUU simultaneously. John explains, “the individual managers in the shops manage them and I don’t believe there is a huge amount of managing to it, it just works away on a regular basis”. 

John finds that MENUU provide great customer service. Although they do not deal with the MENUU team often, if they do have issues, they contact a member of the MENUU team and are dealt with quickly and easily.

He recognises that MENUU has been a positive addition to his restaurant business. He says, “it definitely has been a positive addition to our business, more business equals more customers, it has increased our turnover”.

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