Table Ordering System: Why Your Restaurant Needs One

This article will discuss what a table ordering system is and why your restaurant needs one. The typical restaurant scenario is that after diners are seated, they wait for a server to return with menus. From there, they may take drink orders but who knows the exact moment they will be back to ask about appetisers or answer questions regarding the menu. Then there is the inevitable awkward moment when you stare over at your server, catching their eye so you flag them down for a refill or get your check. We have all been there before and it can not exactly be described as fun. 

Now picture this: Immediately after being seated, customers can view the menu via a table ordering system. They can place the order as quickly as they want and order other items whenever and as often as they would like. The servers are able to answer questions freely and meet the customers’ needs as they dine. The customer can pay via the table ordering system and leave when they are ready. Which scenario do you think is better from a dining perspective? I’m guessing this one. 

Not sure about it? Let me convince you with these 5 reasons that you need it and particularly in the current climate.

A Table Ordering System Gives Diners Control

Table Ordering System

A table ordering system essentially means that your diners have more control. Who doesn’t want to be in control? Tableside ordering offers a positive dining experience for guests. After being greeted with a friendly face, then led to their seats, diners can sit and chat for a bit or get straight down to business, it is all up to them. Servers are freed up to answer questions, but the rest of the process is in the customer’s hands. The system can accommodate specific requests and substitutions also. This enables diners to flag ingredients if they are allergic. When diners have finished their meals, they can pay and leave at their own convenience. There is no waiting around. 

A Table Ordering System Provides A Better Customer Experience

Table Ordering System

The table ordering system improves the customer experience. This is in the case of accuracy of orders since it eliminates server errors when taking orders and the speed and efficiency of the service. Both of these factors lead to a better customer experience. Customers want to have more control over the dining experience. Diners who are in control are essentially happy customers which improves customer loyalty and leads to more word of mouth and social media recommendations. Adding new tech to a restaurant can take some getting used to. However, learning how to use a table ordering system is pretty easy. As long as the software is intuitive and easy to use, customers will enjoy using it. 

A Table Ordering System Will Boost Revenue

Table Ordering System
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It’s not just about control. The increased speed and efficiency of a table ordering system will result in higher table turnovers which means the restaurant can serve more diners. You can add upsells throughout the ordering process and enticing product images which are proven to increase average order value. In addition, with the digital ordering system, you will save printing costs for paper menus which reduces your restaurant’s carbon footprint. Not to mention, you can easily make immediate menu changes for all of your locations. 

You Can Collect Better Data

Table Ordering System

Table ordering systems provide a wealth of information to your business about what your customers are ordering, when they are ordering, how they want to pay for it and so much more. You can effortlessly grow your customer database and strategize new marketing techniques based on this data using your table ordering service. You can also use this information to maximize your pricing strategy for increased sales and better profitability. 

It Shows You Are Ahead Of The Curve

Finally, a table ordering system shows customers that you are here to stay. That you are on the current trends in restaurant technology, willing to adapt to the evolving needs of your customers. In addition, that you want to make their dining experience at your restaurant as enjoyable as it can be. That you want your customers for life.


Tableside ordering can prove vital in the current circumstances of covid-19 and in general. This is because diners love to be in control and see their favourite restaurants using new trendy technology. In addition, it provides a better customer experience, you can collect better data and you can greatly boost your revenue. Get in touch with us if you are interested in diving into table ordering. You can also check out our own table ordering app called DinePay at

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