Table Ordering Is Paving The Way For Contactless Dining

The restaurant industry is set to change post covid-19. The normal and usual setting diners experience in a restaurant will be altered. Diners will have to sit 2 metre apart, less staff will be working and diners will be ordering for themselves from their table. Some QSR’s have already been using contactless ordering solutions even before covid-19. This is in the form of self service kiosks or click and collect. However, it has never been more vital to provide a contactless experience than now. In addition, there are cheaper ways to do so than using these self service kiosks. After all, they take up a lot of space. The solution is table ordering. 

Table Ordering 

Table Ordering

Many restaurants are now planning to use this kind of self-ordering technology. Table ordering can help to improve efficiency. It can also help to reduce queue times which eases the burden on staff resources and time.

In addition, a lot of customers prefer table ordering because it is so convenient. This touchscreen tech often appeals to the younger, tech savvy diners who are familiar with restaurant mobile-friendly ordering

This kind of ordering is also said to encourage customers to buy more food. This is because it is so similar to ordering from a mobile device. A huge benefit of this contactless solution is that it will boost restaurant sales.

Table Ordering Helps You Keep In Line With Safety Procedures

Table Ordering

In the post covid-19 climate, contactless ordering will help restaurants to keep in line with the proposed safety guidelines. It will also help them to provide the highest standard of service. This can be done because staff to diner interaction is limited. Table ordering helps with the social distancing and hygiene standards. 

In addition, it can help restaurants to have a smoother reopening and a better customer experience. Governments continue to ease the lockdown requirements. As a result of this, restaurants are able to offer dine-in again. Therefore, there is a huge demand for these contactless solutions. In addition, with covid-19, restaurants have a responsibility to ensure health and safety measures are put into place.

Table Ordering: Contactless Ordering Solutions

Table Ordering

The MENUU contactless ordering solution is called DinePay. This can be used by restaurants, bars and cafes to hotels, cinemas and arenas. In other words, DinePay is table ordering or in premise ordering. For example, in the case of a restaurant, each table will have table stickers with QR codes.

The diner scans this to browse the menu. From there, they can place their order and pay. No app download is required, the customer simply scans the QR code from their own mobile phone. It is contactless and without the need for paper menus or waiters taking orders. In turn, this means heightened safety procedures. This is the perfect solution for restaurants who are trying to reopen safely inline with the current covid-19 restrictions. 


Covid-19 has had a huge impact on restaurants and this will continue, particularly when restaurants reopen. This is because social distancing is not something that will just go away. In other words, restaurants have a responsibility to provide customers and staff with safety and hygiene procedures. You want to reopen your restaurant safely in line with the current guidelines, right? The best way to do that is to offer your customers a contactless experience.

Therefore, the best way to offer this experience is by providing an option like table ordering. In addition, this option means you can limit the use of paper menus and staff having to take orders. If you want to learn more, check out for more information on our table ordering app! Or get in touch with us.

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