Shaka Poké – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Shaka Poké is a Hawaiian restaurant based in Dublin. Their main dish is the poké bowl. They took the concept of poké which is a traditional Hawaiian and transformed it into a modern dish that composes many delicious flavours. 

All of their ingredients are fresh and they have plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians. If that isn’t enough, you can build your own bowl to ensure it aligns with your dietary needs. Jamie from Poké views his online ordering system as a very important part of his business. 

He explains, “it’s become very important in the last few months, during the coronavirus, online ordering helped us get through it and now, we have a nice balance between online and walk in, online ordering is probably about 30% of our business”. 

Jamie feels that MENUU has made it very easy for his customers to interact and place orders, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. He says, “Menuu have been very helpful and very good, it’s an easy platform to use, it’s nice on the eye, the Menuu team have been very quick to update anything that we have needed to update and they have been very good to work with”.

Jamie also found that the process of setting up MENUU was very easy and seamless. He says, “it didn’t take long at all, we were set up within about a week”. He has also found the process of collecting customer data to use for promotions very easy. He explains, “it’s been good, we run all the analytics, get all of the information, we can see that it will be a useful tool”. 

He finds the features MENUU offers to be very useful for the restaurant. He says, “editing menus is great and the time-slots we started using a few months ago and it definitely makes it good for us to be able to have the alternate pick up times and delivery times.” 

The shaka Poké team has found the MENUU support team to be very helpful and quick at sorting out any issues they have had. He explains, “they fix problems very quick and they are very helpful”. Jamie feels that using MENUU has been a positive addition to his business. He says, “we are thrilled with Menuu, it suits our product perfectly, we have a lot of modifiers and this gives the customer an ease to modify their bowls, it has helped us to create a better online presence, it’s been brilliant.” 

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