Restaurants Back In Business: Tips For Post-Covid

This article will discuss restaurants back in business and provide some tips for the post-covid restaurant climate. Restaurants across the globe have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. As restaurants slowly begin reopening, things remain far from ‘business as usual’.

The covid-19 pandemic has entirely changed the way businesses once operated. The restaurant industry is now learning how to navigate this ‘new normal’.

Restaurants need to elevate safety and cleanliness protocols. They need to train employees regarding new processes and policies, track compliance and implement immediate corrective actions where necessary.

This is in addition to various other important safety protocols that restaurants must follow normally. In your efforts to get back in business in this new post-covid world, use these tips to keep both your employees and customers safe and healthy. 

Restaurants Back In Business: Enhance Disinfecting and Cleaning Efforts

Restaurants Back In Business

Food safety sanitation procedures are more vital than ever when it comes to combating covid-19. Your entire facility needs to be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day multiple times. You need to be using chemicals that meet the standards for killing covid-19.

Restaurants Back In Business: Handwashing

Restaurants Back In Business

Handwashing is the number one way to combat the spread of covid-19. Ensure that all of your employees are washing their hands regularly with soap and warm water for at least 30 seconds. Ensure they wash their hands after using the toilet, handling money, touching their smartphones, handling high-touch surfaces, using cleaning products etc.

Restaurants Back In Business: Implement Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Restaurants Back In Business

Enforce social distancing in your establishment. For example, move tables to ensure social distancing is followed. You can also use disposable menus and placemats and ask servers to wear masks. If disposable menus are not in your interest, you could use QR food ordering or contactless ordering and payment.

Also ensure that you come up with your own delivery and takeaway protocols. This side of your business won’t disappear even when you do reopen. Continue social distancing when you deliver food. In addition, ensure that your food delivery drivers are regularly sanitizing and washing their hands.  

Don’t Allow Your Employees to Work When Sick

Restaurants Back In Business

Ensure your employees’ temperatures are not high by asking them to use a thermometer regularly before coming into work. Ask them to share with you whether they experience any symptoms big or small. If they do, send them home if they do.

Train Employees Regularly

Regularly train your employees on the new protocols and what they entail. In addition, explain to them why these protocols are so important.

Educate Customers and Employees

Use visible reminders of covid-19 protocols. For example, display signs that remind people to wear masks. Also, demonstrate regular cleaning efforts visibly and separate dining tables for proper social distancing. Therefore, send customers and employees regular emails to let them know how they can be part of the solution. In addition, post these reminders on your website and social media channels too.

Get Your Information from Reliable Sources

When educating staff and customers about covid-19 ensure you are getting the information from reputable and reliable sources.


This article discussed restaurants back in business and provided tips for post-covid reopening as a restaurant. As restaurants adjust to the new post-covid reality, remember to be authentic, proactive and transparent about the efforts you are taking to ensure your staff and customers remain healthy. Therefore, demonstrate that you are taking steps to maximise safety and mitigate risks. Follow these tips to show your commitment and ensure an easy back in business plan.

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