Restaurant Safety After Covid-19: Contactless Solutions

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way we go about our daily lives. As operators are looking to reopen their business, terms such as ‘social distancing’ and ‘contactless’ come to mind. This is because although restaurants, hotels and cinemas can reopen, they still need to follow the government’s recommended requirements to ensure they adhere to guidelines as safety remains a top priority. The restaurant and hospitality industry is not going to be the same after covid-19, restaurants have had to try out new avenues to keep their business afloat and those new avenues are not going anywhere. This article will talk about how you can maintain safety in your restaurant, hotel, cinema, drive thru etc after covid-19

Restaurant Safety After Covid-19: Social Distancing Requirements

Restaurant Safety After Covid-19

Social distancing will have a huge impact on restaurants as they reopen. Customers will have to be seated 2m apart which means the restaurant will not be able to seat as many people as it once did pre-covid-19. Social distancing has been a primary recommendation for combating the virus. This is because we need to limit the amount of human contact to stop the germs spreading.

Restaurant Safety After Covid-19: A Contactless Experience

Restaurant Safety After Covid-19

This is why restaurants have been offering contactless payments and delivery to customers because unfortunately germs can live on cash notes and card is much safer in this regard. Therefore, in line with these recommendations, restaurants should continue to provide contactless as much as possible. In addition to cash notes, menus can also be a cause for spreading the virus. Think about how many people hold one menu. In addition, it can be hard to kill all germs off a menu. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You need to offer your customers a contactless experience in total for the safety of them and your staff. 

Restaurant Safety After Covid-19: The Solution Is DinePay

After reading all this, the good news is that Menuu has a solution for you as we have just launched DinePay. In other words, DinePay is a contact free table ordering and payment solution. It’s basically a QR code that will be on table stickers for restaurant table ordering, in hotel rooms for room service, on counters or posters for takeout.

How it works

How it works is the customer scans the QR code and they get to view the menu. From there, they can place their order and pay. The order goes directly to the restaurant’s order taking hardware (provided by Menuu), whether it is a terminal to receive orders or directly into their point of sale. It is a contactless experience.

The customer does not need paper menus or waiters taking orders. This helps to keep in line with social distancing requirements. This can be used for restaurants, hotels, cafes, cinemas, bars, drive-thrus and arenas who are trying to reopen their business safely and in line with the government restrictions. 


This article discussed the topic of restaurant safety after covid-19. It’s time to rethink the way you once served your guests. Covid-19 has dramatically transformed the restaurant and hospitality industry. If you want to reopen your establishment, it is a must to follow social distancing requirements.

Therefore, you can do this easily by offering your customers a contactless experience. In addition, a contactless experience will protect the safety of your customers and your staff. Not to mention, your customers will feel less worried about dining at your restaurant. Public health guidance is strongly suggesting that cash should be phased out.

In other words, that means you need to think of new ways for your customers to pay and enjoy your restaurant without transmitting the virus. In addition, if you would like to demo DinePay, you can visit Here you can find out more about how it works and to chat to our sales team.

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