Restaurant Communication During Covid-19: Best Practices

This article will discuss the best practices for restaurant communication during covid-19. We are living in uncertain times right now, restaurants are experiencing mandated shutdowns throughout the world. According to the National Restaurants Association, it is vital now for restaurants to engage and speak to their customers. 

In these times, most restaurants are facing hurdles. So, having a way to remind customers that you are open is vital to build brand loyalty. Below will be the best practices for restaurants to speak with their customers through this new climate. These tips will help to ensure they engage customers and take every step possible to survive through COVID-19.

Restaurant Communication During Covid-19: Deliver a Customer-First Message

Restaurant Communication During Covid-19

For restaurant communication during covid-19 it is vital to deliver a customer-first message. Customers require reassurance during these times. To show your support, tell them your commitment to the health and safety of your employees, customers and the community. In addition, mention your compliance with public health guidelines. It is vital to show the steps you are taking to address all possible concerns. Ensure you clearly explain the business status. Tell them what options are available. For example, online ordering, curbside delivery, third-party delivery, pick-up. Include a call to action to let your customers know how they can place orders. You need to commit to giving them new information as it becomes available. In addition, thank them for their ongoing support and loyalty. You need to ensure they not only support you during COVID-19, but afterwards also. 

Restaurant Communication During Covid-19: Be As Clear, Consistent and Frequent As Possible

Restaurant Communication During Covid-19

This is vital when speaking with your customers. You need to ensure any communication to them from you is clear, consistent and that you are informing them often. Checking in with your customers will promote confidence in your business. So, determine a regular time when you will be checking in with your customers. This may be once or twice a week. This will help you to build loyalty and manage expectations with your customers. However, ensure you offer new information each time and do not just repeat yourself. Along with changes from day to day, inform your customers on what is new. Share your highlight takeaway promotions, the latest on your opening hours and how the curbside pickup process works.

Restaurant Communication During Covid-19: Show Your Brand Voice

Restaurant Communication During Covid-19

Consistent branding is vital to an overall clear message. Ensure your messages show your brand voice. However, also ensure they are suitable for the times we are in and reflect that sentiment. Build trust through being transparent and authentic. Ensure you maintain a calm, collected and confident tone. 

Ensure You Communicate Effectively and At The Right Time

Restaurant Communication During Covid-19

For general communication, ensure you use every channel that is available. This includes your email, SMS, push notifications, and social channels. This is so your message is cast as broadly as possible. For more targeted communications, send messages over your customers’ preferred channels. Ensure you deliver your messages at times when your customers are most likely to engage with you.

Ensure You Listen and Reply to Your Customers

Gather, act on, and measure customer feedback to keep a pulse of customer sentiment and expectations. If negative customer feedback is given, reply quickly on the same channel. Show you appreciate their feedback and tell them how you will take action – don’t take offensive and express that. Sluggish responses will only reflect poorly on your brand. In addition, they may have an impact on other customers giving your restaurant a chance. Keep on the side of trying out new techniques and tactics rather than claiming to be perfect. Speed and iteration outweigh slow and careful deliberation during rapidly changing conditions.


This article discussed restaurant communication during covid-19 and the best practices. As COVID-19 continues to unfold, the future is unknown. However, it is vital to give every restaurant a fighting chance to come out the other side of this up.  As a result, staying in touch with customers is vital.  In addition, if you don’t have them already, open social media accounts to share updates. Engage on social media posts to attract them to your page. In addition, share the latest on what is being offered and served.  Engage with your existing subscribers on your mailing list to ensure repeated support and loyalty.  As a result, remind your customers that you are open, ready to serve and here to support them. 

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