QR Code Based Food Ordering: How Does It Work?

QR based food ordering provides lots of benefits. This is particularly true in the covid-19 climate whereby contactless delivery and social distancing have become the norm. Covid-19 has greatly impacted the restaurant industry and that is not going to change. Social distancing and contactless options are not going anywhere. This is because we need to limit as much human contact as possible to prevent the spread of covid-19. This is where QR based food ordering comes in. It is in line with the government recommendations which means it will help restaurants to reopen to their customers safely. 

How QR Based Food Ordering Works For Restaurants

QR Based Food Ordering

The customer comes to your restaurant and will find a QR code either on the restaurant tables or counters. Then, the customer scans the QR code through their phone camera and the restaurant menu will open. They do not need to install any app. It is a straightforward process. Then, they will order their food and pay through their phone. The order they place goes through to the kitchen. The order is processed and delivered to the table number for dine in customers. For takeaway orders the customer is called when their order is ready. This type of ordering means that customer to server interaction is very limited. This kind of ordering is not limited to restaurants either. It can be adopted by cinemas, arenas, hotels and so much more. 

The Benefits Of QR Code Ordering

Contactless Food Service

QR Based Food Ordering

You can serve your customers contactless and they can gain back their confidence in eating out. They may have lost this confidence during the pandemic. The patterns of eating out have been changed by your customers and they are more concerned about hygiene and safety. They want to avoid or limit human interactions to be safe from the virus. Providing a contactless service is an opportunity to show special gestures to your diners and employee safety. 

Boost Customer Loyalty

QR Based Food Ordering

Once your regular customers get to know that you have taken various precautionary measures for the safety of your customers, it gains the confidence of your customer and they feel special as you are doing all this for their safety. Rather than simply doing this to boost your sales

Advantage of Early Adoption

Currently, many restaurants are adopting innovative ways to provide contactless services to their customers. This is a stage of life whereby everything has changed as a result of covid-19. Therefore, if you adopt these changes, you will make your customers feel happier and safer visiting your restaurant. Also, you keep up with your competitors.


This kind of ordering can greatly help your restaurant to reopen post covid-19. In other words, by adopting QR based tableside ordering, you can remain inline with the government recommended safety guidelines. They can boost customer loyalty and there is an advantage of early adoption in that you can keep up with your competitors and not lose customers because you are not providing other options to ordering that help to limit human interaction.

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