Optimize Your Website Menu To Increase Orders

This article will discuss how to optimise your website menu to increase orders. People are increasingly relying on the internet for information. The way customers are learning about your restaurant is through your website and social media platforms. Therefore, you need to present yourself right online in order to gain more customers.

This article will discuss some of the most vital advantages of having an online restaurant menu. It will go through a list of tips on how to create and improve your menu on your website. An online restaurant menu is an extremely powerful marketing tool. This is because the menu is most likely the first thing customers go to when they visit your website.

Optimise Your Website Menu: Make it easy for customers to find your menu

Optimise Your Website Menu

If you want to optimise your website menu, firstly, it is very important that customers can find your menu easily. It should be one of the first things your customers see when they land on your homepage, whether it’s a call to action to ‘Order Online’ or ‘View Menu’.

A menu PDF is useful when you need a printable version but apart from that, an online menu offers so much more flexibility. An online menu is much more dynamic and allows for more interaction with multiple options and add ons available as you click into categories or products.

Optimise Your Website Menu: Your brand, your menu

Optimise Your Website Menu

Customising your menu to fit with your branding is vital to ensure a smooth flow for your customer. This is where a white label online ordering solution comes in and why it’s important to have your own online ordering rather than only being listed on third party portals.

There’s no point having a great looking website that’s all about your brand and then sending your customers to a generic menu page or third party online ordering portal. Make sure your menu is contained within your website, not sending your customers to an outside URL. And make sure your menu fits with the rest of your brand!

If your brand is vibrant and colourful, why shouldn’t your menu match? If your brand is all about simplicity and clean lines, keep your menu inline. With MENUU online ordering, you have the flexibility to change fonts, colours, backgrounds so that your ordering flow is seamless from when the customer lands on your website to when they place their order.

Optimise Your Website Menu: Include plenty of food photography

Optimise Your Website Menu

With an online menu you can include images of your products which has been proven to help upsell and increase average order size. Encourage your customers with drool worthy images of your offerings, make them order something they haven’t tried before!

Images also help your menu to stand out as your own and really showcase your products. With MENUU’s online ordering platform you can add as many images as you like. You can add one or two per category or you can include an image with every item. 

Make your menu easy to read

When a customer looks at your menu to order food you need to make it easy for them to distinguish between categories and see prices easily. A simple trick for this is to organise your menu into various sections. You should separate them visually and ensure that they are arranged in an order that is logical to the customer.

For example, if you want to push your popular dishes, place these at the top of your menu or the top of each category as customers tend to hone in on the first few items they see. Your menu should also use clean easy to read fonts and ideally should fit in with your branding theme.

Write clear descriptions of the dishes you offer

A nice description is always more appealing than a list of ingredients. In other words, by providing descriptions you can personalise your dishes and give customers something they can look forward to. Ensure your customers know exactly what to expect from reading the description. That’s another reason why an online menu is so important.

You can fit so much more vital information on an online menu compared to a PDF or printed menu. You can include as much or as little information as you like on your online menu. In addition, you can list a full breakdown of allergens or nutritional values on every single item or else you can choose to use an allergen key. You can easily point out which items are vegetarian or vegan friendly, whether a dish is super spicy or mild. This will ensure customer satisfaction when they order.

Keep your menu updated regularly

Nothing is more frustrating for customers when they want to order something and suddenly realise the price has changed or that the item is no longer available.

Keep your menu updated regularly with the latest list of items and prices. With MENUU’s dashboard it’s so easy to update your menu, edit descriptions, pause menu items or whole categories, alter availability of certain products, the list goes on.

Choose a flexible online ordering platform

For a successful online menu, ensure you pick an online ordering platform that is flexible and can support your requirements. Also, ensure it allows you to have easy control over the layout and content of your menu. In addition, remember it is vital to have a nice interface for your customers.

With MENUU you will receive full dashboard training on all aspects of editing your menu and restaurant settings but when in doubt, our customer service team are available 24/7 to assist or to make changes for you.


This article discussed how to optimise your website menu to increase orders. Oftentimes, an online menu is a customer’s first impression of a restaurant. Therefore, ensure you follow these tips to ensure both customer satisfaction and an increase in orders. Take advantage of your online platform and develop a menu that is in tune with your restaurant’s brand and overall dining experience. 

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