Mobile Marketing For Restaurants To Gain More Customers

Before we begin to discuss mobile marketing for restaurants, let’s start by defining what mobile marketing is. In simple terms, it is marketing that is done using a mobile device such as a smartphone. Mobile marketing provides your customers with location and time sensitive, personalised information that helps to promote your restaurants ordering platform.

The ads from mobile marketing appear on both tablets and smartphones. You do not have to look very far to discover someone looking at their smartphone. People use them in public, at work and at home. The mobile phone and tablet make for amazing marketing opportunities that restaurants should take advantage of.

In this article, we will discuss a few ways that mobile marketing can help your restaurant to gain more customers.

Mobile Marketing For Restaurants: Have A Responsive Website

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

This is a crucial step that is often overlooked when it comes to mobile marketing. Even if your website is a few years old, it is essential to build a new one that will ‘respond’ to different browser sizes. If a smartphone user lands on your website and it is not responsive to their device, they will become frustrated and will most likely leave your website to visit another one. This definitely is not your goal and will not work in your favour to increase customers.

Mobile Marketing For Restaurants: Make Use Of App-Based Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Customers spend a lot of time on their mobiles using apps. However, we aren’t saying you need to create an app yourself in order to increase your customers. You should consider apps such as Facebook and use Facebook advertising to create adds that are integrated into Facebook’s mobile app.

Facebook integrates ads seamlessly in users’ mobile news feed that people generally do not even realise that they are looking at ads. In addition, you can boost your posts to show up more often in users’ news feeds. You can personalise your ads for your audience when marketing on Facebook too. From here, you can boost brand awareness which equals more customers. 

Mobile Marketing For Restaurants: Use QR Codes

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

QR codes enable customers to use their smartphones to scan them. After they scan them, customers are sent to a specific page on your website. What encourages users to scan QR codes for the ‘reward’ is that there is a sense of mystery there.

For using QR codes, add some to your business cards and include them in any print advertising you do. If you are having an event, include one on the ticket with a link to Google maps or other relevant information to the event. In addition, you can add one to your receipts that link customers to a webpage with tailored information.

Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing provides you with a huge opportunity to increase your customers. This is because the open rate of text messages is over the 90% mark. In order to maintain a proper SMS list, you should have users do something very deliberate to begin receiving your text messages.

For example, they can text a keyword or snap a picture of a QR code with their smartphone. However, each text you send should also include simple instructions regarding how customers can opt out of receiving your text messages, for example replying with the word ‘stop’. 

You can promote your SMS program on your email, social media and website to help grow your list. You can also add a sign up to your emails and print marketing. Ensure you include a call to action to sign up for text messaging on your website and inside your restaurant premises.

You should make use of your SMS for time-sensitive alerts such as last minute offers. Don’t forget to customise your texts to their preferences, sending them messages at reasonable times is important. 

Use Google AdWords For Mobile

Mobile advertising is growing at a rather rapid pace. Coupled with the dramatic increase in mobile phone searches, it is time to concentrate on improving your Google AdWords for mobile. Search marketing is very powerful because it enables you to connect with people who are actively searching for keywords related to your restaurant.

You should consider optimising your mobile ads and use a mobile specific ad copy. So, you could do this by highlighting a dinner special on your menu and use a strong call to action. You should also direct your ads to the correct place on your website. Once again, ensure that site is mobile-friendly!


This article discussed mobile marketing for restaurants. Mobile marketing can be very powerful. If used correctly, it can help you to gain more customers, boosting your exposure and increasing your brand awareness. In this article, we have touched on some of the ways you can get started with mobile marketing. Start here and see how you get on with your mobile marketing efforts. We hope this guide was helpful for you!

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