Customer Testimonial for Menuu: Vincenzos

This article is a customer testimonial for Menuu. Vincenzos is a pizzeria with two locations. One on Malahide Road, Dublin 3 and the other on Baldoyle Doyle, Dublin 13. In addition, their menu comprises pizzas that are cooked in a wood fired oven to perfection. 

As a result, Diarmuid feels that online ordering is very important for his business. He says “it makes up a significant portion of sales”. 

In other words, he feels that Menuu has made life easier for Vincenzos and their customers. Diarmuid explains, “It is integrated with our POS which is brilliant, from a customer point of view it is the handiness of being able to browse through the menu while they are ordering”. He adds, “instead of going for the same meal over and over again, they are able to look and see what else is there and what other options are there”. 

As a result, Diarmuid found that the move to Menuu was seamless. Not to mention, the right choice to make when reverting to online ordering solutions. 

In addition, he feels that it is easy to collect customer data for his promotions. 

Diarmuid has been in contact with the Menuu support team on a regular basis. He explains “any problems that we have, they have been very good and solve any problems quickly”. 

Therefore, Diarmuid feels that online business has added a lot to his total revenue. He says “With just Menuu, I would say it is about 25%”. 

As a result, Diarmuid expressed his satisfaction with Menuu, “I am quite happy with Menuu”. Then he adds “I have tried a lot of platforms for online sales for takeaways over the last five or six years”. He finishes off by saying “Menuu would by far be my favourite”.

We hope this customer testimonial for Menuu helped you to learn a bit more about what we offer at Menuu. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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