Menuu Customer Testimonial: Firehouse Pizza

This article will be a Menuu customer testimonial from Firehouse Pizza. Firehouse Pizza was founded in Ballymun in 2011. In addition, they offer a wide variety of gourmet pizzas. All their pizzas have a gluten free pizza base option. Also, their sides and desserts also have a gluten free option. In addition, they also offer vegan and lactose free options in order to cater to everyone. 

Menuu Customer Testimonial: The Value of Online Ordering

As a result of using Menuu, Stephen, owner of Firehouse Pizza feels online ordering is a vital avenue that businesses need to take. He explains, “it’s the switch that people have made, everybody orders online now, everybody is on their phone constantly”. In other words, he feels this is a great way to reach customers as with technology continuously evolving. People are leaving the screens less and ordering more food online. 

Therefore, online ordering for Stephen has been “a change in the way people order, the option of online makes everything easier”. Stephen mentions another benefit of online ordering, “people generally might spend a bit more online than they would in store”. 

Stephen says that Menuu has made it easy for both his business and his customers. He says, “I like the backend of Menuu a lot, we have good access to it, it is easy to navigate”.

Menuu Customer Testimonial: No Commissions

As a result, what Stephen enjoys most about using Menuu is that it is a monthly fee with no commissions. Therefore, he says, “I am really happy with Menuu, I love that they switched over to Stripe where it is just a set monthly fee”. He adds, “I think this is really good and a really positive approach for restaurants and it gives a little bit more money in my back pocket at the end of the day”. 

Easy to Set Up

Stephen found the process of setting up Menuu online ordering very easy. He says, “It was very much so easy to set up, there were no issues there”. 

In addition, he says he finds the process of collecting customer data for promotions from Menuu very easy. As a result, Stephen says “It is easy enough to do”. Stephen finishes by saying, “I am very pleased with Menuu overall and have no desire to switch to another online ordering system”. 

We hope this Menuu customer testimonial gave you more of an insight as to what Menuu offers. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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