Marketing for Restaurants 101: Best Practices

This article will discuss marketing for restaurants. Digital technology has radically transformed the landscape of restaurant business. Restaurants are no longer dependent on the traditional techniques such as word of mouth to market their restaurants.

You want to remain a strong player in the restaurant game. Therefore, you need to take full advantage of digital media and mobile technology. Some restaurants have these aspects spot on. On the flip-side, a majority are struggling to get their restaurants marketing on track.

However, given the fierce competition, it is crucial that you get your marketing strategy top notch. The success of any restaurant bears down on its marketing strategies. So, I am going to share some effective ones with you. 

Marketing For Restaurants: Get on Social

Marketing for Restaurants

This tip is so important when it comes to marketing for restaurants. We are in an era of food porn and social media platforms. Therefore, if you want your orders rolling in, you must take full advantage of social media platforms in order to promote your restaurant online. In addition, make sure you find the right social media platform too. This is because when it boils down to it, Instagram is the best platform for food promotion, Facebook works well too, however, the rest lack behind. Therefore, the key to going social is posting top quality food images and videos. If you don’t know where to start, you can also consider hiring a social media expert to guide you by offering you valuable insight. 

Marketing For Restaurants: A Website is Essential

Marketing for Restaurants

Having a website for your restaurant is equivalent to having a restaurant in every part of the world. If you wish for your restaurant to grow large, then you have to get a professional website. A website also opens up opportunities for a larger market of consumers. Websites make it really easy for potential and existing customers to locate you. Yes, it takes a lot of work putting up a website, but the reward is well worth it. If you find you need some help or guidance, you should consider hiring affordable professional website services to get the task complete.

Marketing For Restaurants: Bring the Contests On

Marketing For Restaurants

Providing your consumers with contests is a great way to start the discussion about your restaurant. An offline/online contest is an effective way of doing this. This basically means you begin the contest in your physical restaurant that customers can share online. This is hugely effective, for example, imagine one of your customers has a massive social media following uploading content related to your business. Offering contests not only gets the word out about your restaurant, but promotes it too and drives in customers. 

Marketing For Restaurants: Don’t Omit Email Marketing

Marketing for Restaurants

This tip is really important when it comes to marketing for restaurants. Email marketing is another crucial strategy to effective restaurant marketing. There are two ways you can grow your email list. The first is by asking your customers to complete forms in person. The second is by asking customers to complete forms online. The choice is entirely yours. Email marketing is an effective way to grasp your customers attention and make them return. Through using email marketing, you can showcase the latest additions to your menu as well as exciting offers. However, beware, email marketing can be challenging if not correctly executed. So, if you are new to the technique of email marketing, consult an expert to discover the best and most appropriate email marketing strategy for your restaurant. 

Contact Local Food Bloggers and Influencers

One of the most effective marketing strategies today is leveraging on the network of other businesses. As a restaurant owner, you can leverage on the network of local influencers and food bloggers by communicating with them and asking them to share content related to your business. You can offer them incentives, for example, free meals so they popularise your brand amongst their network. 

Get Listed on Food Apps

Many food apps have sprung up over the years due to popular demand by consumers. Consumers no longer have to go through boring directories or search the web for a long period of time to find a suitable restaurant. These days, all they must do is install a food app that clearly shows them their nearest restaurant. You must take advantage of this mobile technology wave by partnering with food apps to ensure that your restaurant is listed. Getting listed on these food apps means that you do not lose any potential customers. 

Tap Into The Power of Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful tools for any business is social media marketing. It can place your restaurant in front of thousands of potential customers. It goes further than simply brand awareness, it offers you insight into your target audience. Social media marketing when used for restaurants opens avenues for feedback from existing customers. In order to get the best you can out of social media marketing, you do need to get a social media expert.


This article discussed marketing for restaurants. Remember, you want to be a strong player in the restaurant game. As a result, you need to market your restaurant. Now that you have been well equipped with several restaurant marketing tips to take your business to the next level. I hope this guide has been of help to you and that they bring your restaurant success. 

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