Instagram Restaurant Marketing: How to Attract Customers

This article will discuss Instagram restaurant marketing and how you can use it to attract customers. Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform right now. If you are not marketing your restaurant on Instagram you are truly missing out on something big. Instagram is no longer restricted to just personal use, many restaurateurs are using Instagram to market their restaurants. Instagram offers an array of tools that can be used for effective marketing for engaging and attracting more customers. Without an effective restaurant marketing strategy, it is tricky for your business to stay afloat. Instagram is an easy yet effective platform to help increase your restaurant’s popularity. 

This article will give you the tips that will help elevate your Instagram marketing game. 

Take Advantage of Free Tools For Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Do not run your restaurant’s Instagram page on personal profile settings, opt for a business profile. It is not only free but will enable you to use a variety of free tools such as analytics or insights. If you already have a regular instagram profile, you can convert it to a business profile also. Business profiles allow you to add a call to action button through which people can use to interact with your restaurant’s page. 

You can also add your phone number so people can use it to make a reservation. In addition, you can make use of the insight tools and see who is following you and see how your posts are performing. This will help in giving you a clear idea as to whether your ads are engaging and attracting customers. Remember posting irrelevant content will not help your restaurant flourish.  

Post Regularly for Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Simply having an Instagram account is not enough. You need to regularly post and update your customers so they feel your presence. You can tell a story through your posts that would make your Instagram feed look appealing and help boost customer engagement. 

Use Interactive and Relevant Hashtags For Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Ensure you use relevant hashtags as it is a great way to create instant engagement. You can develop a hashtag of your restaurant’s name and persuade customers and potential customers to use it when they post on Instagram. Each time someone uses the hashtag, they are marketing your brand to their own following for free. Hashtags work well in increasing the reach of a post. There are too many popular food hashtags, for example #foodporn. Try to use local hashtags also so you can reach a local audience. In addition, you can run competitions based on the usage of the hashtags as this makes the post more engaging. Using hashtags also raises brand awareness. 

Increase Your Followers For Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Instagram Restaurant Marketing

There is no point in posting regularly to your Instagram account if you do not have a big enough follower base to market to. You need to attract enough people who would engage with your posts and bring business to your restaurant. An effective way of luring in customers is first by having a detailed bio speaking about your restaurant and its specialty, this makes your page look very informative and people may end up following you. 

Include vital information such as restaurant address, phone number, website link etc. Second, you can ask your diners to tag your restaurant’s name or use a particular hashtag when posting images of your restaurant on their Instagram profile. You can use the repost app in a means to post user-generated content on your Instagram feed. This is an effective method of making the people feel acknowledged for their efforts and boost your following. 

Post High-Quality Content

Instagram Restaurant Marketing

Another important thing to keep in mind is maintaining the aesthetics of your Instagram account. Pro-tip: it should be minimal and satisfying to look at. Be sure you post high quality photographs and videos with a relevant description. 

The photos or videos that you post speak a great deal about your restaurant. When someone ventures to your feed they should be getting a clear idea of what your restaurant’s specialities are and what they can expect from dining at your establishment. 

Collaborate with Food Bloggers

By collaborating with food bloggers or influencers, you can essentially advertise your restaurant on Instagram through individuals with fans who trust them. Food bloggers specifically have a circle of foodies following them which makes it easier for you to reach your target audience. 

Therefore, you can decide whether to collaborate with locally famous food bloggers and this will help you to attract the local audience who are more likely to try out your restaurant. As a result, all you have to do is invite the food blogger to your restaurant and ask them to write a review. 

Reply to Your Customer’s Comments

The key to succeeding on any of the available social media platforms is engagement. As a result, if someone is taking time out of their day to write on one of your posts, acknowledge them and reply. Ensure you make it a point to reply to customers whether it is a good comment or a bad comment. Therefore, take time to go through your comments and address the ones that need a reply. This is also a great way of analysing the behaviour of your followers. 

Running Contests

An effective way of encouraging people to interact with your restaurant’s Instagram page is by running a variety of contests. As a prize you could do a free starter or a discount coupon for their visit. Therefore, this is a really great way of attracting and engaging more people. It is also a great restaurant marketing strategy if you are after more followers. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are widely popular and a great Instagram restaurant marketing tactic. Therefore, they are an effective way to receive consistent engagement. Not to mention, a brilliant way of promoting your restaurant. As a result, you can post images of your food, restaurant, behind the scenes, recipe videos, contests, links and more. 


This article discussed Instagram restaurant marketing and how you can use it to attract customers. I hope that by implementing these nine tips into your Instagram restaurant strategy that you can attract new and loyal customers. Therefore, take advantage of free tools. Post regularly and use interactive and relevant hashtags. Increase your followers and post high-quality content. Don’t forget to reply to your customer’s comments, run contests and use Instagram stories. Don’t forget, these are just the tips anyone can manage to implement, however, there are plenty more ways skyrocket your business on social media that require hiring a social media manager. 

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