How to Use Push Notifications to Boost Online Orders

How do you influence your customers to order? Does your restaurant have an app? If so, you could send out a message to your customers on their phone which they carry with them 24/7. Push notifications work effectively in getting your customers to notice your offers and to remind them to order from you. In other words, they enable you to send out relevant and timely messages to individuals who are interested in your restaurant, which in return increases the likelihood that they will act on the offer you have given them and boost your online sales

Here is your guide to using push notifications in order to boost your online orders, in turn increasing your revenue. 

Why Do Push Notifications Work?

Push Notifications

They work simply because we carry our phones everywhere with us, we would never dream of leaving our phone at home as we live in such a digital and social media orientated world. Push notifications cannot be missed when they appear on your lockscreen or homescreen. They are short and snappy, unlike long marketing emails which can too often go unread and end up in junk folders. Finally, they have a very clear call to action. 

How to Use Push Notifications to Boost Online Orders?

Push notifications take the prize over email marketing. Push notifications have an average open rate of 90% whilst emails have 23%. Your restaurant marketing will be increasingly seen by more of your customers with push notifications than that of email marketing. 

The higher view and click-through ratios push notifications offer once again override email marketing. They also increase app engagement and retention rates. Mobile apps that use them are said to have a 26% higher app open rate and a higher retention rate of 92%. 

The likelihood of your customers keeping your app on their home screen and ordering online more frequently from you increases through push notifications. From here, you need to develop an effective push notification strategy. My suggestion would be not to over do it, one or two a week is good, more than one per month is better. 

Restaurant Marketing Push Notification Tips

Push Notifications

There are some specifics you must follow if you plan to include push notifications in your restaurant marketing strategy. Firstly, ensure your messages are short and to the point. If it is not short and to the point, it makes the push notification less readable and in turn it can feel like an email rather than a short and snappy push notification. 

Make sure you state exactly what is important towards the start of the message, if you do this it will spark interest within the consumer to read it all and avail of the offer. Ensure you have a clear call to action, if you are telling them that you are having a fiver friday, mention the name of the deal so they know exactly what they need to act on. 

In addition, if there is a code for the offer state early they must use the code. Ensure that the push notification is relevant and topical. Finally, vary your content. In other words, don’t use the same content on each push notification, change up what you are trying to get to your customers. Some examples include menu updates, special offers, promo code and brand message. 


As a result, push notifications are an effective marketing tool. In other words, you can use them to boost your restaurant’s online orders and in return increase your revenue. This guide provided a bit of background on push notifications. It detailed how to use them for marketing, why they work and it concluded with some tips for using them. You can easily send and schedule your own push notifications from MENUU’s CMS. If you’d like to find out more, contact our sales team today! Best of luck with implementing them into your marketing strategy. Enjoy the benefits and ease of them for your business. 

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