How To Attract New Customers With Online Ordering

The main reason why most restaurateurs use their own online food ordering system rather than signing up to third party services is to establish customer relationships. Turning regular customers into loyal ones means ensuring yourself a steady stream of profit for your restaurant. However, did you know that an online food ordering system can also attract new customers to your front door? In this article, we will tell you six ways that an online food ordering system will help you to attract new customers and further boost your profits.

Attract New Customers With Online Ordering: The Power of Data

If you want to get to know your customers better and fine-tune your business, data is the key to this. Data about average spent per order, popular dishes, customer age and location, favourite meal deals etc is primarily used to personalise your marketing efforts and keep your loyal customers. However, data analysis can also be applied to attract new customers.

The idea behind it is quite simple. By analysing the key demographics of your customers, this enables you to create ads to target potential customers that share the same characteristics and live in your area. In addition, by monitoring which of your menu items sell best and which deals are the most popular amongst your customers, you can further personalise these ads.

Attract New Customers With Online Ordering: You Can Come Up With Better Deals

Attract Customers With Online Ordering

Once you have your own online food ordering app, you can create even better offers for your customers. One reason for this is that it enables you to be able to experiment with various types of deals to see which ones your customers prefer. In addition, not sharing your profit with a third party service means you can offer bigger discounts and other perks. 

For example, you can create a loyalty program to reward your repeat customers for their support. Lower prices and rewards will help to retain customers and it’s obvious why. However, you may be asking, how does this help you to attract new ones? Well, this is where word of mouth advertising comes in. 

People are always eager to let their friends know about a good deal. You are lying if you say you haven’t done this yourself before. Even if word of mouth does not attract new customers in droves, it is still vital. Offline word of mouth advertising can build the foundation for turning a local restaurant into something much bigger.

Attract New Customers With Online Ordering: It Helps To Strengthen Your Brand

Attract New Customers With Online Ordering

If you are listed on a food portal, your potential to establish a brand is fairly limited. This is because a large part of the customer experience, like the order process and the online environment is controlled by the third party service provider and is streamlined according to their branding.

If you use your own online food ordering system, you can emphasise your strong points and capitalise on them. In addition, you can communicate everything that makes your restaurant different from other restaurants and what you stand for across all customer touchpoints.

The graphic design components of your app or website, your marketing material and even your food packaging play a significant role in building your brand image and maintaining brand consistency. In addition, the more you stand out from your competitors, the more customers will come your way.

You Boost Your Restaurant’s Visibility

Attract New Customers With Online Ordering

A large percentage of orders are placed online and often while on the move, for example, on the way home from work. Therefore, not offering online food ordering reflects poor business sense and ignorance of modern customer trends. 

In addition, it leaves you with foot traffic and word of mouth as your only ways to attract new customers. Although effective, both take longer to bring results. Offering online food ordering makes it easier for customers to find you.

If You Are Online, You’re Social

An online food ordering system paired with a strong social media presence allows you to acquire new customers quickly. One idea is to add a button so that customers can share on their profile a limited-time offer for first-time orders. Marketing tactics like this can catch customers attention and bring them to your online space.

Then, whether you manage to leave an impression depends on how much effort you put into building your online presence. So, share interesting food facts, answer your comments and reviews, post photos to create a connection with your customers. Modern customers will respond positively to all of this. 

How MENUU Can Help

We can get you up and running with online ordering within 48 hours. Our platform is white labelled to your brand and can be integrated into your existing website. We can also offer website packages if you don’t already have one. It does not matter if you do not have a website. We can still get you live within 48 hours with an online ordering link from your social channels. 

Our platform offers a smooth and simple process for the customer. You can choose to receive your orders via a MENUU Express Terminal, via email or SMS. Alternatively, we can integrate with your point of sale system. The process is fully transparent for the customer. They will receive an order confirmation email and SMS updates. That is if you need to adjust promise time for delivery or collection. 

Our CMS offers you the flexibility to adjust opening hours, delivery times, prep times, delivery zones, menu items very easily. You will have access to your customer data, reports and promotions settings to easily add new offers at any time. You will be given full training once your restaurant has been setup with MENUU. Our Help Desk team are available 24/7 to assist with any queries also.


Online food ordering is a must if you want to not only make your current customers happy but to acquire new customers. If until now, you have been anti-online ordering, stop! By not providing online ordering, you are ignoring the modern needs of customers and therefore, you limit your business. This article gave some tips to attract new customers using an online ordering system. So, get started!

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