Great Food Promotion Ideas: 5 to Boost Online Sales

This article will tell you about some great food promotion ideas to help you boost your restaurant’s online sales. Before you start to promote your food, it is worth thinking about how good the products are that you want to advertise. Every customer that visits a restaurant wants to buy top knotch food in a friendly space. 

Before you start adding your marketing ideas, think about what target group you wish to reach with your food promos. It will be easier to prepare your strategies if you know the needs of the group you are targeting. 

Here are five great food promotion ideas that will greatly boost your restaurant’s online sales. 

Great Food Promotion Ideas: Discounts For Certain Products

Great Food Promotion Ideas

To boost sales, you should think about setting a discount for a certain product or product group. You can choose the meal. Then, apply a special deal to it and let your customers know on social media about the promo. 

Great Food Promotion Ideas: Discount Orders That Exceed a Specific Amount

This promotion works in a similar way to the discount previously mentioned. Therefore, a discount for orders that exceed a specific amount of money can greatly encourage customers to spend more. 

Great Food Promotion Ideas: Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Great Food Promotion Ideas

Restaurant loyalty programs are one of the most effective ways to encourage customers to order more food and more often. Reward them for this, it will make them feel valued and appreciated. 

Great Food Promotion Ideas: Discount Vouchers 

So many customers use discount vouchers, this shows that food promotion is an amazing opportunity for boosting your profits. Also, a great way to promote your online food ordering system is on your website or on a mobile application. In addition, you can send discount vouchers through email, text messages or push notifications. In addition, you can use social media or flyers. 

Happy Hours

Implementing ‘Happy Hours’ at your restaurant can gain you new customers while also increasing the loyalty of your current customers. Therefore, you can persuade your guests to order more and order more regularly. They will be more willing to buy something else from your menu also. Begin by deciding which day and particular hours you would like your ‘Happy Hours’ to be. Then, consider what prices and let customers know. 


Discover more about your customers and focus on their needs and expectations. As a result, this will help you achieve outstanding results in executing your marketing tactics. In addition, there are many possibilities for creating food promotions and methods of notifying customers about them. It can certainly be a lot easier to prepare special offers with online ordering platforms. Therefore, watch your business attract more customers and boost sales with these five promotion ideas. 

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