Gourmet Food Parlour – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Gourmet Food Parlour is a healthy and nutritious restaurant, sourcing local ingredients and using local supplies where possible. They first opened their doors in 2006 with a restaurant in Dun Laoghaire and now, they have 10 restaurants across Dublin and Galway. 

Jennifer from Gourmet Food Parlour feels that online food ordering is extremely important for the restaurant business, particularly during a pandemic. She says, “it gave us the opportunity to keep our business going through covid and to keep people in jobs and keep the revenue stream”. 

She finds that from a customer perspective ordering through MENUU online ordering is really easy. She explains, “it was really simple, it was instant really like it took a week for us to set it up and it gave us this massive online platform and it gave customers the safety to order at the click of a button which meant they stayed safe and it was just really easy”.

Jennifer adds, “we have never had any issues of people not being able to use the system or being confused about the system or can’t figure it out”. The Gourmet Food Parlour team feels that the features MENUU offers are very useful for the restaurant. She says, “I think the fact that you can change different menus for different times, for example, we have breakfast items that are only available at breakfast Monday to Friday but on the weekends, the time changes so you can edit them”. 

She adds, “being able to turn things on and off really quick and then also having different delivery zones has been a real help.” Gourmet Food Parlour have six different locations and Jennifer finds as the Brand Monitor that it is easy to manage all six locations within the MENUU platform and switch between them to make changes to menus or availability settings. 

Jennifer has previously dealt with the MENUU support team and finds that they are great and quick in dealing with any errors related to the online ordering system. She explains, “we have never had an occasion where we rang and they didn’t answer.” 

She adds, “it’s really great because when you’re in a busy restaurant and there’s a problem or you need to ask a question and they can answer you instantly, it’s amazing.” Jennifer feels the best part about MENUU is the fact that there is such a strong and responsive support team. 

Jennifer acknowledges that MENUU has been a positive addition to her business. She explains, “it brought us a whole new audience, people who don’t regularly come into our restaurant but prefer takeaways.” 

She finishes off by discussing the ease of use that comes with MENUU. She says, “it is very easy to use, easy to navigate around, it plugs in really nicely to our website and the customer service has been great.” 

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