Food Delivery After Covid-19: Contactless To Stay?

This article will discuss what food delivery after covid-19 will look like. Over the last few months, takeaway and delivery have become vital for restaurants around the world. Covid-19 has been one of the toughest challenges that the industry has had to face. In saying that, this challenge also shows the great resilience of restaurants as they shift their business model overnight. Food delivery was in full speed prior to covid-19. It is now so more than ever. After covid-19 is over, some of those new habits may remain. They may change the way we have been approaching delivery entirely. Here is what the delivery landscape may look like in the future.

Food Delivery After Covid-19: Delivery & Takeaway Are Not Going Anywhere

Food Delivery After Covid-19

People have had to try out delivery and takeaway options and they have most likely found a liking for it. Therefore, delivery and takeaway will continue to boom even after covid-19. Even when restaurants are finally allowed to reopen, people must still sit 2m away from one another. This means they will have less room on premise. In addition, some people may not want to go out if they feel it is unnecessary. Off-premise dining options can really help restaurants. Especially since they will not be able to seat as many people as before. It remains an extra source of money also!

Food Delivery After Covid-19: Meal Kits Are Here To Stay

A number of restaurants have offered customers entire meal kits during covid-19. This is a cost-effective option for families as they often feed four or five people. This gives families the option to enjoy a restaurant meal together. Meal kits are a fun way to get the family together to try and recreate their favourite meals from restaurants. This is also a great way to show off your brand’s personality. You can do this by adding in some clear but fun instructions along with the ingredients to prepare the meal.

Food Delivery After Covid-19: A Touchless Customer Service Experience Is Essential

Food Delivery After Covid-19

Health, sanitation and food safely are more vital than ever in the covid-19 climate. Therefore, we can expect this will not change post-covid. Contactless transactions are here to stay. Businesses in all industries will have to upgrade their technology. This is in a means to provide customers with contactless payment options as well as no-contact delivery options. This is where we may see the rise of self-service kiosks.

Mobile Ordering Technology

Mobile ordering technology is going to become the new standard for the restaurant industry. It combines the need for convenience with health and safety concerns. Restaurants will have to commit to online ordering. Whether it is through a third party or their own website or app. They must streamline their operations so that they can handle these new types of order in the best means possible.

Dark Kitchens

Dark kitchens are not a priority for restaurants now. However, there will be a demand for delivery as it continues to grow. Dark kitchens are delivery-only kitchens. In other words, they are restaurants without a storefront. The dark kitchen business model helps restaurants to reduce their costs and test out new concepts. In addition, they can create virtual brands in a low risk kind of way. Dark kitchens allow restaurants to scale their business quicker.

Community Support and Local Products

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, people have been wondering how they can best support their local communities and businesses. It is highly likely that this new found sense of community is not going anywhere in the future. People were already leaning towards locally sourced food and sustainable practices. Watching their local restaurant struggle will only enhance this. They will want to buy sustainably and support their local businesses at the same time.


This article discussed what food delivery after covid-19 will look like. Covid-19 has brought about a number of challenges to all industries. Particularly the restaurant industry whereby they have had to switch their business model overnight to online ordering. So, what will delivery look like in the post-covid-19? We can expect delivery and takeaway to continue to boom and meal kits to continue being a smart tactic. In addition, we can expect a touchless customer service experience and mobile-ordering technology. Not to mention, we may see a rise in dark kitchens. In addition, people may wish to support their local communities more so in the future. 

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