Covid-19: How You Can Market Your Takeaway and Delivery Services

As restaurants shift the way they normally do business and try to keep customers during covid-19, it is vital to find ways that you can promote your offers. It is also vital to do this because it lets your customers know that you are still operating delivery and takeaway services despite all that is going on. Here is a short piece that will tell you how you can market your takeaway and delivery services during covid-19

Show Your Customers Your Human Side

Behind all restaurants are people. You and your staff are facing difficult times and challenges during the pandemic, as are your customers. Be frank with your customers. Show your emotional and human side in your marketing messages. This way they can relate to you and you will be able to help build a greater sense of community. 

Adopt Online Ordering If You Have Not

Ordering over the phone can lead to mistakes in the order. In addition, many people do not like to read out their card details on the phone to someone they don’t know. Therefore, if you have not yet adopted an online ordering solution, you should. People prefer to order food online. As a result, it is much more convenient and less mistakes happen. In addition, ordering online means you can provide contactless payments that customers are more comfortable with. They can pay with their card securely.

Get Creative with your Social Media

Ensure you post specials, incentives and discounts you are offering on to your social media. However, also think of new ways to engage your audience on the platform. For example, this could be offering a glimpse into your kitchen, in a behind the scenes style. Alternatively, it could be a video of your chef adapting a dish that could be made at home. Another option could be spotlighting an employee. Therefore, this is the time to make your brand stand out and drive more traffic by discovering unique ways to cut through the noise. 

Ask Diners to Engage at Home

While your customers are stuck at home, it could be a great time to ask them to review your restaurant online. Alternatively, you could ask them to post images of their takeaway order from your restaurant. Then, use your customer engagement and loyalty program to make instant reviews easy. Also, ask for reviews in your online ordering app. In addition, remember to engage back and offer incentives and rewards for their feedback. 

Update Your Local Listings

Finally, ensure customers have updated information regarding your restaurant on Google My Business, Yelp and other online platforms. Therefore, ensure your business hours for delivery and takeaway services are up, alongside temporary offers. In addition, include the keywords ‘takeout’ or ‘curbside’ to make your restaurant appear in searches for those terms. 

How MENUU can help

We can get you up and running with online ordering within 48 hours! Our platform will provide your customers with a user friendly interface, secure way of paying and fast efficient process to order online from your restaurant. MENUU is fully white labelled so the menu will be branded to suit your restaurant with product images added throughout should you wish. 

With our powerful promotion and loyalty engine you’ll be able to market to your customers whichever way you choose. Promotions can be set based on percentage or value discount, combo deals, free items and lots more.


To conclude, although restaurants are limited to takeaway and delivery services during this time, that does not mean you cannot market them. Customers want to know about your deals and how your restaurant is coping, so let them know! 

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