Covid-19 Delivery Expectations: What Customers Expect

This article will discuss covid-19 delivery expectations. The restaurant industry has been hit hard by covid-19. As a result, restaurants are changing their business models. They are changing to models where delivery and takeaway are the options to ordering in. People are staying home. Some may be edge. Although they may still want to eat some tasty food or simply require food delivery to live on. This guide will inform you on what exactly customers expect from their delivery during covid-19. 

How Should Restaurants Approach This Kind of Customer?

Covid-19 Delivery Expectations

Restaurants are responding to the pandemic with options such as no-contact delivery and curbside delivery. In addition to heightened food safety and sanitation policies. Not to mention, more strict health and safety rules for their staff. For restaurateurs, it is vital to understand and adapt to this new kind of customer. If you do not, you will risk losing them. 

Covid-19 Delivery Expectations: Communication

Covid-19 Delivery Expectations

Delivery customers want restaurants to speak with them often. As a result, they want to be updated on any company policies relating to covid-19. So, post social updates and press releases for major policy updates. In addition, make the information readily available on your website. 

Sanitization Practices

Covid-19 Delivery Expectations

All customers want to know that staff are practicing good hygiene. It is a no-brainer to enforce a strict hand washing policy. Therefore, you should have hand sanitiser available around your restaurant and in delivery vehicles. Also, ensure direct staff wear gloves. In addition, customers expect restaurants to send staff home if they show symptoms.

Covid-19 Delivery Expectations: Safer Food Handling

Covid-19 Delivery Expectations

Delivery customers are now more aware than they ever have been before about who is handling their food. This is the case in regards to how it was prepared and how it was transported. Do you want to ensure your customers that you are going the extra mile to protect their food? Here are a few things you can do. 

You can adopt more strict and regular cleaning schedules. Use tamper-proof labels and packaging. For example, have disposable thermometers available for staff. You can also purchase disposable cutlery. In addition, many restaurants have already began doing these things. Also, it is just another way to show your efforts to your customers. This way, they will feel safe ordering from you. 

Tamper-Proof Labeling and Packaging

Delivery customers want peace of mind now when it comes to getting their food from restaurants. Therefore, tamper-proof labels can help as they will reduce any worries your customers may be having. As a result, most big restaurants are investing in this kind of labeling and packaging.

Covid-19 Delivery Expectations: Contactless Delivery Options

Restaurateurs should include no touch delivery protocols in their new business model. In other words, this option allows customers to order and buy their food with their credit cards ahead of time. This means that the driver can leave the food at the person’s front door or another agreed location. This works to limit any interaction. 

They Expect Some Offers

One of the covid-19 delivery expectations is promotions. With many having a tough time money wise, people want to have some good deals. Therefore, you should be doing this to thank them for supporting your business anyway. As a result, many restaurants are offering discounts on delivery orders over a certain amount. Alternatively, they are offering other deals to get delivery customers ordering

A Seamless Ordering Experience

They want online ordering to be a quick and easy. Restaurants can do this by improving their ordering process. As a result, MENUU can help you get up and running with online ordering within 48 hours. It provides an easy to use interface for your customers. It offers plenty of flexibilty in product and service settings. So, you will be able to offer your customers as much or as little customisation as you like. In addition to secure payment processing for contactless process.


This article discussed covid-19 delivery expectations. It is tough to say what the long-term effects of covid-19 will be on the restaurant industry. Therefore, what we do know is that restaurants are finding it hard and have had to adapt to takeaway and delivery. Some may have never used them before. As a result, follow this guide to help your customers feel calmer about supporting your business. 

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