Brother Hubbard – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Brother Hubbard opened its doors in 2012 and their intention was to provide pure, simple, interesting food made entirely from scratch and to share their love of food that was different to what else is out there. 

They have two locations, one in the North of Dublin on Capel Street and one in the South of Dublin on Harrington Street. Garrett of Brother Hubbard sees online ordering as being very important to his restaurant business. 

He explains, “we view online ordering as a very important contribution to our business, particularly in light of the current environment and a shift towards takeaway dining”. Garrett feels MENUU has allowed his customers to easily interact and place orders. 

Garrett says, “it’s really been a slam dunk for our business in that regard, it’s very easy for us to set up the menu and control it and present it and it’s very easy for our customers to order”. 

Garett is amazed by the customer service MENUU offers. He explains, “we have been really amazed with the customer service side of MENUU, I’ve never encountered people as responsive in terms of customer service”. Garrett adds, “customer service is hugely important”.

Garrett finds the features MENUU offers to be very useful for his restaurant business. Garrett says, “one of the key things we really enjoy about MENUU is that we have complete control over our menu, this is especially important in an environment like ours, our menu changes routinely and we have complete control over our ability to change the menu, the ability to control the menu for a business like ours is critical and MENUU has set up the system to really nail that”.

Brother Hubbard has two locations that are using MENUU and Garrett finds that it is easy to manage both locations simultaneously. He says, “my colleague set up the South side location on MENUU and she was able to do that straightforwardly”.

Garrett feels that using MENUU has definitely been a positive addition to his business. He explains, “it’s opened up a whole new avenue for us in terms of trading opportunity which has been very important, particularly in light of everything that has gone on and it did it in such a way that we didn’t have to spend enormous sums of money”. 

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