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Badiani1932 is a gelato restaurant that began in Florence in 1932. In 2015 they entered the UK market, operating in four stores across London. They serve delicious artisan gelato, creating any flavour that customers desire.

Leonardo Ongaro of Badiani1932 feels online ordering is very important for his restaurant business. He explains, “it’s very important, especially during this pandemic”. He also finds MENUU has made it very easy for his customers to interact and place orders, particularly during the covid-19 pandemic. 

He says, “it’s made it easy for customers for sure, MENUU is a cool tool especially because it doesn’t require any development from us, it’s a good solution, I also really like the upselling feature on MENUU”. 

In Leonardo’s view, setting up MENUU was very easy. He explains, “I did a review of all possible solutions, it took about two week, so I reviewed everything from traditional e-commerce platforms like Shopify down to other online ordering solutions and then it was a case of choosing between three options and we went for MENUU”. 

His reasoning for choosing MENUU was because the platform looked really promising and he felt it was stronger than the other options he had looked at. 

Leonardo finds the support team at MENUU to be incredible. He explains, “what really made the difference for me was the customer service, everyone I have spoken with has been immensely helpful, especially at the beginning when I was calling them once or twice a day, they really went the extra mile”. 

He adds, “the experience is so much better because of the support, there is nothing worse than having hiccups and not being able to reach the counterparts to ask what is going on and the help desk has been so quick and helpful”. 

He enjoys using the features MENUU has to offer and feels they are very useful to the restaurant business. He says, “all of the features MENUU offers are very useful for our restaurant”. 

Leonardo recognises that MENUU has been a positive addition to his business. He explains, “well, it’s in the numbers, the first months had been quite successful in terms of sales, we had a target for the first few months and we reached the target in just a bit more than a month, it took us half the time to reach the target that we had”. 

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