Arctic Stone – Menuu Customer Testimonial

Arctic Stone is Ireland’s first and multi award-winning hand rolled ice cream. They have two locations, one in Blackrock and one on Clanbrassil Street in Dublin. They create artisan ice cream to order that is customised to the customer’s individual taste. 

They cater for all dietary requirements and cater for events. Caolan Cullen of Arctic Stone sees online ordering as very important to his business. He says, “at the moment, the way I see it is that online ordering is the future and it really helps to provide our customers with another platform and access to our products a bit easier”. 

He adds, “it keeps them safer also, for example, if they are vulnerable or have health issues, we can help them out by bringing a delivery to their house”. Caolan feels that Menuu has made it extremely easy for his customers to interact and place orders, particularly during the covid-19 climate. 

He says, “online ordering has completely changed my business model, by giving my customers a different platform to order off as opposed to popping up to the shop, they can customise if there is anything that they want, it’s made the process a lot easier, ordering through us directly so it’s automated”. 

Caolan mentions that Menuu has helped him to save a huge amount of time. He says, “it has taken a lot of time off my hands so I can focus more on the business as opposed to taking orders, hand writing them down, invoicing them afterwards, it saves me a lot of time, it has made it more efficient and more customisable for the customer by giving them more options”. 

Setting up Menuu was quick and easy in Caolan’s opinion. He explains, “the lads we’re a delight to deal with, I didn’t make it easy for them, I really wanted it spot on and they were perfect the whole way through it, really helpful and cooperative and they made everything straightforward and any updates, they get straight on to me and they get it done in a few minutes”. 

Although Arctic Stone do not run many promotions, Caolan finds that collecting his customer data through Menuu to use for promotions very easy. He says, “if we were to do a promotion, it would usually be a discount code or they would get free brownies or cheese cakes with the order”. 

He adds, “it’s quite interesting to see what people are ordering and it can be quite difficult to collect data from customers that are just rocking up to the shop and ordering off me as opposed to this way, it’s all down, you can see what their ordering, what times their ordering and more”. 

Caolan has found the features Menuu offers to be really useful for his restaurant business. He explains, “the ability to change whether you can do deliveries, like if you’re really busy and you can just change it to collection, changing your radius to help out customers who are just a bit outside your zone is great”. 

He also finds managing two locations on Menuu really easy. He says, “I just go on my laptop and I am able to chop and change as I go or if I’m on my phone, I can do it as well so it’s very straightforward”. 

Caolan has sought out the help of the Menuu support team previously and has found them to be extremely helpful in dealing with his requests. He explains, “I’ve never really contacted them with a problem, it’s more if I’m adding stuff on to the menu like new products or the other day when I added vegan options on to the online platform as well, they were straight on to me, they got it done within an hour, they are so handy to have”. 

He sees Menuu as a positive addition to his business. He says, “winter is a tough time for me, people don’t want to go out into the wind, the rain and the snow, so this way, we have kind of changed the business model so that when it comes to the harder times, ice cream sales are able to live up to demand by deliveries and collections”.

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